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Motherboard with DDR3 that works well with Hackintosh?

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I'm building a new computer, and i already have some DDR3 Ram (2GB) and I am looking for a motherboard that has DDR3 (prefer to get one of motherboards with DDR3 only (not the DDR2 and 3 transition boards as the ones i have seen only have 2 DDR3 slots)), and I also want it to support Hackintosh fairly well at of the box (don't mind doing some minor patching)


Other specs are:

Intel Q6600 G0

2GB ASUS 1333Mhz DDR3

Albatron Geforce 8800GTX


Samsung SATA DVD+-RW

Dell 2407 24" LCD

Logitech Cordless Desktop MX-5500 Revolution Bluetooth


A couple of motherboards i've found but can't find out the Hackintosh support are:







Any reccommendations?

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Yes, do your own research & post in the correct section. (moved)


Wow amazingly helpful and courteous advice.

The insanelymac search function is horrible.

when you search go to google type "insanelymac:" with out the quotes before your search query.

Mac OS Seem to support DDR3 from what I have read on this forum. However, the only boards I have seen to have support are the






Here is info on the ASUS P5Q3



The one I am curious about is the:

GA-EP45C-DS3R, the GA-EP45-DS3R has support and it seems to be working, but I have not seen any reports about the GA-EP45C-DS3R.

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The Gigabyte EP45T-DS3R is a very good mobo.


I don't know whether the "T" after the "EP45" means DDR3 or "Trusted Platform Module", but this mobo definitely has BOTH.


I bought the mobo on a hunch, from a Fry's Electronics store closeout, for only $37.


While I knew from reading the label of the sealed box that DDR3 (as 2 sticks, not as 3 sticks, in two groups of two, not in two groups of three) was the only RAM config which was supported, and I had to buy some DDR3 RAM (Corsair 2 x 2 GB = 4 GB, for $60, on sale) in order to have any hope at all of making this board work, I must say that it is a definite winner.


I installed a Q8200 2.33 Ghz M1 stepping, which DID NOT require FLASHing the BIOS from F1 to something else (Q8200 R0 stepping, and many others, requires the "beta" F4a BIOS), and it booted and ran MacOS 10.5.7 the very first time.


The usual hassles with Gigabyte ICHxxR chips and their preferred ALC889a CODEC, but I quickly got that well in hand, and everything is now working.


The board is a good one. It is very easily overclocked (my 2.33 GHz Q8200 is now running cool as a cucumber at 2.8 GHz). All the features seem to work as expected, and as required.


For some unknown reason, as many as EIGHT previous purchasers couldn't make this board work for them, hence the $37 "clearance" price, but I got it to work the first time, and it has worked every time since.


Running pure "vanilla" 10.5.7, with the usual kexts courtesy of the OSx86 group (I called it a P35-DS3L, and then added the requisite sound kexts by hand).


Oh, eVGA 8400GS video in the 16x PCI-E slot.


Nice board ... highly recommended.



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