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  1. DAW - based on GA-EP45 incl. hardware list

    Hi peach. Here I am with a new case for you to solve I have decided to tackle a problem I've been having for some time. I have a jumpy mouse: it seems to hang or lag when I'm using it, making it almost impossible to make precise movements. I've had the problem for quite some time, but decided to find a solution only lately. I looked around, and many people say it's about the nvidia kext. It actually seems true, because it starts when i use Nvinject to have my VGA working. I tried it on 10.5.6 and 10.5.8 and it keeps happening. Some say I should flash my VGA BIOS, others had me clear a kext that disabled some QuickTime services. The latter did work for the jumpy mouse, but screwed up quicktime and I couldn't work with After Effects or final cut anymore. Then, I tried to hook up my Wacom Pen tablet, installing its drivers. And it seems to work fine. To sum things up: - standard USB mouse (tried both Logitech G3 and Roccat Kone) works fine until i use NVinject or NVkush; - on iDeneb Distro 10.5.4 it works fine even with NVidia kexts; - Wacom Pen Tablet works when properly installed; - Did not have time and moral fiber to try every 10.5.x update and see if the mouse messes up with all of them; I DO see that the Video Card seems to be the problem, but if the tablet works, there must be some kind of fight between the VGA kext and the standard peripherals kext, don't you think? I'll let you work on this one, if you have the time and/or the will. It is not such a big deal since I can use my tablet: I just wanted to let you know. Bye!
  2. Thanks mate! I'll try it! And thanks to all of those who gave a smart a useful suggestion.
  3. Alternative NVIDIA 10.5.6 Quicktime 7.55/7.6 Mouse Lag Fix

    Hi everyone! I tried the disabler kext, but it doesn't work for me. I can't be really sure if the issue has started since the 10.5.7 upgrade, but I'm pretty sure it did. What I know is that the mouse sometimes skips on the sides, like it was misreading from the surface its moving on. It happened with my old Logitech G3 and it happens now with my Roccat Kone. And it doesn't seem to be "app-related": the little {censored} jumps around even with only finder open. I'll try to see if with an old 10.5.6 distro the thing happens the same. Any suggestion would be appreciated
  4. DAW - based on GA-EP45 incl. hardware list

    I thought not, but it seems like my SD card which I use to keep all the Hackintosh stuff is screwed up Therefore I might need it once more
  5. DAW - based on GA-EP45 incl. hardware list

    I tried to edit rights on the drive and fix permissions, but it doesn't work. I guess I'll try to install the whole thing over Thanks anyway. P.S. I think the link to the kext package in the first page is broken, or it has been deleted from mediafire.
  6. DAW - based on GA-EP45 incl. hardware list

    Ok, I'll try. I already tried to download the update again, but that doesn't seem to be the problem. I'll let you know. This is a disk image restored using superduper. Something might have changed in the partition's options.
  7. DAW - based on GA-EP45 incl. hardware list

    Here I am. Sorry for the delay, I've had some business to attend to. I made a short video, so you can see what happens In the meantime, I'll try to download the update again. It might be the file having some issues http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dxfi2kkxkyw
  8. DAW - based on GA-EP45 incl. hardware list

    Ok, I'll try asap and post here the message. Anyway, I'm installing from an iDeneb installation from a usb drive that I use as failsafe, pretty much the same thing you mention in your guide. It simply is a USB drive. That is where i originally installed the retail version from, and all the updates up to .7 too. I might even do the whole thing from the beginning, but the idea doesn't make me happy
  9. DAW - based on GA-EP45 incl. hardware list

    Hi Peach, long time no see I was taking a peek around the forum, to see how the Snow Leopard situation is coming along. By the way, I'm happy with 10.5 and I think I'll stick with it for some more time. I'm having a small issue, though, and I was hoping you could give me a hint. I obviously checked around and if the issue has been treated in the thread already, I missed it. Simply, I can't update from 10.5.7 to .8. I recovered a disk Image I made some time ago, when I installed the system fresh and updated it to .7. I downloaded the .8 update (not combo) and followed the usual steps (i even reinstalled some kexts) but I can't get to install the darn thing. I keep getting an error message after the installer says "configuring installation". I don't remember the exact words, but it's quite a general error message. Any suggestions? Thanks mate
  10. Look for PeachOS guide for installing retail on P45 Board, it might help you
  11. Solving USB problems; USB devices do not mount

    Hi there, I've a little issue that you might have a solution for. Sometimes at startup one of my USB preipherals (Keyboard or Mouse) isn't detected. It doesn't happen everytime, but only seldom. If I unplug it and plug it back in, Leoaprd recognize it and everything goes back to nomal. Do you know why does this happen? Thanks
  12. Dual Boot, not working Help!

    I'm interested in this stuff too. BTW, don't you have a quick boot selection button to press @ startup? This way when u want to boot in OsX you can select it without entering the BIOS
  13. DAW - based on GA-EP45 incl. hardware list

    I found the solution to my problem @ this link: Link Thanks for your help
  14. DAW - based on GA-EP45 incl. hardware list

    Hi peach, I found a little issue using Retail. Something in international settings is missing. If you have time check this link and see if you know what's going on. Thanks mate.
  15. Maya Network Related Issue solved by copying IOnetworkFamily.kext from iDeneb and installing it on Retail. Seems to work fine. Still looking for a solution about the Internationl Keybord problem! Bye EDIT: International Problem's solution found here, in case somebody needs it