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  1. ѕӎѳѳ₮ңӌ

    G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    Hi, I'll take one please! Shipped to the UK.
  2. ѕӎѳѳ₮ңӌ

    G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    PM sent!
  3. Hi, I am not really a new user, but since getting a real mac, my hack has just been left on leopard really. I have since upgraded the hack, and have now got snow leopard working on it. I have just downloaded a DSDT for it from d00ds thread about native power management, which I am trying to understand so I can tailor one to my system. Are there any other guides for beginners to DSDTs? I cannot get sleep to work no matter what I do, USB0 wakes the system up as soon as everything powers off. It does resume properly though, just doesn't stay asleep. Has anybody seen or experienced this, and can point me in the right direction of a thread or something? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. I got fed up of doing this so just eBay'd an Apple USB Ethernet Adapter, works wonders and I never have to worry about this any more. It didn't help that my G5 case mod meant that accessing the CLR CMOS button was very difficult!
  5. ѕӎѳѳ₮ңӌ

    radeon 4870 x2 on leo hazard mac osx 10.6

    Hello, Could you possibly re upload the files you have linked to, as the rapidshare ones dont work anymore... Thanks!!
  6. My apologies if this has been already answered in the 116 pages, I have attempted to search through this thread, others and indeed google. What is the best way to get a ATI Radeon 4870x2 to work on 10.6.3? Use netkas's "exotic" package? Or can I set this up with EFI strings? Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. ѕӎѳѳ₮ңӌ

    [Discussion] Fit a PC in a G5 PowerMac Enclosure!

    Hello, i have eventually got round to writing up my g5 (Powermac i7) build. The build dragged on for around 3 years, and i always ended up either running of money or just got bored with no working computer. However eventually I had the funds and the motivation to finish it. The plus points of the dragged out build time was that I got to see other people's ideas and with those their plus and negative points. I like the layout of my build and that fact that most hardware can be updated reasonably easily, but as i have crammed a lot in things are tight and the final assembly was hard. Due to the {censored} way mobile me displays its pictures, and this forums weird image thingy combined with my laziness i cannot link to the images. However you can view the images i have put up so far here. I have some more backed up somewhere showing the method and more detailed picture of the front radiator mount and the epoxy gluing of the motherboard tray to the case. If you have any questions of any items ask it! Most of what I did is already on here and i have just taken bit from everybodies builds. The build by nervouschimp was the changing point for me, as before I was going to butcher the back of the case, glad I didn't now. All of the water cooling is by AquaComputer.de, great stuff and they have good customer service. When I first put everything in the case and set up the loop, my pump broke, and due to the way the case is assembled everything had to come out for me to get the pump out. Very annoying but it was all sorted for free by aqua computer. That is why the case goes from nearly done to square one again. I ran the case without water cooling whilst i was waiting for the fixed pump. All in all i am happy with it although i have a few issues. The main one being there is a screw or something slightly loose, so it resonates sometimes - i have yet to track it down and fix it (i am lazy). Also during the second assembly i damaged a temperature probe and did not realise. This means the aquareo cannot tell the temp of the coolant so sticks the fans on full blast. Again have the part to fix it but i either have to drain the loop (not easy) or be really, really quick fitting the inline probe trying not to leak much coolant (again, i am lazy) Let me know what you think! I will probably upload some photos to image bucket so i can do a proper log for you guys. Oh and the specs: Intel Pentium 920 i7, gigabyte motherboard, 6gb Corsair 1600mhz, ati radeon 4870x2, LG Bluray/HD-DVD drive, 1TB HDD, 1.5TB HDD and soundblaster 2 audigy card.
  8. ѕӎѳѳ₮ңӌ

    [Discussion] Fit a PC in a G5 PowerMac Enclosure!

    that should fit.... it says its 411mm long, and i think (from memory) the case internal is 430ishmm i fit a 240mm (double rad), and a psu with room to spare...... that reminds me, i must post my project log here.
  9. Thats looking good!!! Oh dear! what happened oxtie?
  10. just to bump my post: anybody have any issues with plex?
  11. anybody here use Plex? Cannot seem to get it to output 5.1 from files vlc can.
  12. ѕӎѳѳ₮ңӌ

    [Discussion] Fit a PC in a G5 PowerMac Enclosure!

    his pcb i think, uses the ground from firewire and distributes it to the power switch ground and led ground. this would explain why i can use the switch and see the led, as i have my firewire almost wire up correctly, just an error with one or more of the data cables. please correct me if i am wrong however!
  13. ѕӎѳѳ₮ңӌ

    [Discussion] Fit a PC in a G5 PowerMac Enclosure!

    i think, due to the way the pcb is designed, it can get ground from a number of places, though i may be wrong. I do have firewire plugged in, so it is possible that i have the ground grounded even though the rest of the firewire doesnt work (if that makes sense) I have got firewire to work in a fashion. it powers my isight, but os x does not detect it. ill have a look at the back of the pcb when i get chance!
  14. ѕӎѳѳ₮ңӌ

    [Discussion] Fit a PC in a G5 PowerMac Enclosure!

    well, i have had possibly the best day yet on this project, and then possibly the worst ever!! first off all i got everything in, and ready to go! all the parts, and then the watercooling bits and bobs. filled the loop, and went to start the pump....... not so good! its appears to be DOA!!!!!! so whilst fiddling round trying to reset it as per aquacomputers guidelines, i knock off a hose! so there was UV green coolant everywhere. so not so good. then my gpu block started to leak, but not on the fitment, on the actual block. so i decided to drain it.... which was messy! it took me 3 hours to put everything in the system, and 5 hours to take everything out, and dry it! cannot express how gutted i am, but i need a computer, so i set it up without the water and i am typing off it now! the feeling from going from a dell mini 9 1024x600 screen to a 30" 2560x1600 is amazing! anyhoo, i am in discussions with aqua computer about my pump, so its gonna be another 4 weeks before i get another shot at building it fully again! oh and (xs)solid, the pcb works brilliantly for the switch and led, but usb wont work... and neither will firewire. I was expecting that one but i would like usb. ill have a couple more plays! EDIT: Please see attached screen grab! i have tried the usb header both ways on the pcb....
  15. ѕӎѳѳ₮ңӌ

    4890 and 4870 X2

    thought it would be something along those lines. as to running the altered kexts from the efi partition is that possible?