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  1. holyfield

    Privacy & Private Messages

    I guess you did not pay attention to details? Personal - relating to, directed to, or intended for a particular person: Private - belonging to some particular person. confined to or intended only for the persons immediately concerned; confidential: personal and not publicly expressed: Regardless how you play with the words, matters what people actually do. Playing with words doesn't change criminal aspect. Various EU countries may have defined such act and penalties differently. As I pointed out, the permission of on of messaging sides is required on most cases, otherwise it's ciminal. If sea are talking about service providers, then it is important not to process more personal/private data than strictly necessary. There is no actually any reason to read users messages by forum owner/workers until someone reports about harassment etc. Owner/worker cannot excuse himself that the messages were easy to access for some reasons. The accused must prove that he was entitled to read the messages and according to EU laws, it's not easy to prove a such entitlement.
  2. You are welcome! Computing is a very strict science. I recommend to read Bitwise operation! I hope it helps to understand what are so called flags, the most efficient technique to store a number of Boolean values using as little memory as possible.
  3. I suppose that you haven't read properly DarkWake on macOS Catalina | boot args darkwake=8 & darkwake=10 are obsolete and you probably do not know what is bitwise operation. darkwake=10 actually equals to darkwake=2 and darkwake=8 actually equals to darkwake=0 because kDarkWakeFlagIgnoreDiskIOAlways is removed. kDarkWakeFlagIgnoreDiskIOAlways = 0x08, // always ignore disk idle If we check older XNU versions, then we see that kDarkWakeFlagIgnoreDiskIOAlways removed since XNU 2782.1.97 ( = Yosemite ).
  4. Thanks for pointing out. Sadly you did not specify what that means actually. It's easy to miss something, that's why I suggested to make a diagram of ports of your comp. Please keep in mind that some ports are internal, until you haven't connected anything to these you can just disable these. Download motherboard images/manuals, make a good diagram with all ports listed and test all ports out with USB2/USB3 devices and make your choices and create USB ports configuration with Hackintool.
  5. Thank you pointing out. I think that on a such case, last visited should be removed from pofiles as this is confusing and doesn't provide any actual value. Anyway, could you to do something about that an extremely important feature "Forum Search" gets fixed?
  6. @Poco visited this site last time on August 27, 2019 and @Fubra Support visited this site last time on November 4, 2019. There is no way to contact @Fubra Support. Any other options?
  7. holyfield

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Did you really read the error message Read first, do not post first!
  8. holyfield

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    I don't have the lightest glue what exactly "reproduce" means on your case. Have you ever read the WhateverGreen manual? Also I would recommend to read this post:
  9. holyfield

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    I have dedicated Vega 56 (IGPU disabled) and using WhateverGreen, no issues with Amazon Prime HD DRM content playback using Friendly Streaming with HDCP monitors. In Safari I cannot enable the HD for Amazon Prime for some reason. As I use Vega 56 for various video production task, I'm using iMacPro SMBIOS and have disabled IGPU. This setup gives the best performance. Video rendering up to 20% better. Have you ever tried other online DRM test? EZDRM Demo is working fine with Safari on both, on Hack and Mac mini.
  10. holyfield

    Different sensors projects

    I'm not using iStat, but Sensei shows temps and fans.
  11. Hi @Poco!


    There are several issues with insanelyMac site, seems that certificate issue is solved now?


    But there is serious issue with site search, which for sure not working. Any plans on fixing that?

  12. holyfield


    What about Vega 56? I have no issues with Vega. I”m using FakeSMC. https://github.com/CloverHackyColor/FakeSMC3_with_plugins But I don’t have temperature on Radeon VII, which seems to be an unsolved issue.
  13. @fantomas, please could you help to figure out how an outdated domain certificate and forum search malfunctioning problem can be solved?
  14. in general there are 4 ways to get comp running macOS. buy genuine Mac, new or from aftermarket; pay for someone to build Hack; learn computing science related to building Hack; gamble by testing whatever jumps in mind or someone suggests. I reccomend the first one always. But everyone has a right to choose their own path.