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video card recommended ?

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Sorry abot my poor english... :)


Whit the new releases of osx86.... wish ATI video card work well ?? whit QE and video acceleration... and the most important .. video refresh 100 hz ??



Thanks for your time.



he leido completamente los post sobre tajetas de video soportadas por Osx86, pero no me aclaran cual es la que mejor funciona ....

recientemente cambie mi computador por este:

cpu PIV 3.2 SSE3

Mobo MSI 945G Neo-F


pero no he comprado la Tarjeta de video porque no quiero comprar algo que no me funcione..


asi que si me pueden ayudar a escojer una que funcione bien.. desde ya les agradezco.

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Refresh rate not necessarily depends on video card. For example on my LCD I can't get native refresh rate on any video card I tried, while on old CRT of Samsung (which is has full support for Mac) gives me 100Hz with same cards. Go figure...


Video card that "work well" doesn't exists. You can get QE/CI and OpenGL with ATI (check forum) however this is not enought for good work...

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Hola Seaman, yo no compraría tarjeta de video todavía. De hecho estoy esperando para comprar la mia.

En los proximos meses apple lanzará al mercado la linea de máquinas profesionales, y ahí se verá cuales son las tarjetas que el el Osx soportará. Seguramente los drivers serán mejores también.

Con respecto a la Ati x700 hay en el foro mucha gente que no ha podido hacerla andar.


Translation: I would not buy a video card yet. I think that in sooner than later the new Mac Pros will see the light. And surely the new drivers will support more video cards.

About the Ati x700, a lot of people reported that it is not supported.


Sorry, my english is terrible

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yeah..i'm gonna buy a new raphic card too...not pci -e at all..so what should i buy??lol

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