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  1. MacApprentice

    Good Torrent Programs?

    "µ" is called "mu" and is the Greek letter that stand for "micro", and yea, µTorrent rules
  2. iDeneb works fine, but you had to remove AppleCPUPowerManagement.kext DURING install (i.e.: you must delete it from the Extensions directory as soon as it appears or the update will fail).
  3. I ran into a little problem today, my DVD Burner is acting all weird. It's not recognized as a burner by Toast and when I put a CD/DVD in it works but if I try to eject it get stuck. It wont eject and I have to reboot to get the CD/DVD back. Anyone ran into this before on 10.5? (there was a PatchBurn for that on 10.4 but it doesn't exist for 10.5)
  4. Good luck, it should be interesting
  5. That question was for jw666 actually I think I'll stay with iDeneb, the About this Mac issue is just cosmetic anyway
  6. What's the model of your motherboard? @RoberT_XeS> Do you know any way to fix "About this Mac" without editing the content?
  7. Ok, I did it, I notice my HDDs are back to orange. I'll try to reinstall the patch for this later Thx
  8. Man I'm confused, are you talking about AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext ?? And how do you remove files in pacifist? I can't seems to find how to do this...
  9. OK, so i just remove AppleIntelPowermanagement.kext from the delta update and install, then I'm fine ? Do I need to remove other kexts or something?
  10. OK so I got my 10.5.5 up and running, any definitive 10.5.6 easy update I could use??
  11. Could someone mod the new 1501 bios for the P5Q?
  12. MacApprentice

    OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    Any P5Q success yet?