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  1. right s though i have a sata hd, the ide dvd drive is the issue
  2. i have, nothing has helped yet
  3. I am trying to do a fresh install of kalyways 10.5.2 disc, my motherboard is gigabyte ga 8I945GM i keep getting apple.boot.plist not found message, any suggestions please, been along while since i did any osx86 stuff thanks
  4. 20" Intel Imac for SALE

    I need a laptop again so, my few months old Intel iMac is for sale. Its 20" version, you all know the specs. Apart from it got 1GB RAM - 256MB x1600 upgrade - Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard Its still with warranty, as only few months old and is with machine not me. I am in the UK, and looking for around £950 Cheers Declan
  5. My Hackintosh for Sale UK

    Just to say this is now on ebay.. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E%3AIT&rd=1
  6. Install from scratch?

    No in simple terms, bootcamp is not that problamatic. i use it and all is fine.
  7. My Hackintosh for Sale UK

    I can ship elsewhere depending on location, can be discussed. I will take some photos later today, the case is black and silver, base unit only but comes with generic keyboard and mouse. I have only had the system 3 months and only selling because i now have a 17" Powerbook and a iMac G5, so something has to go. The Hackintosh was hand built for compatibility and to run os x only. The system works 100%, - linein. Never let me down, as was used a main computer, not one kernel panic or crash, just how os x should be. I am open to overs, ideally cash but since i am buying a laptop for my girlfriend, i would consider a trade of sort. Declan
  8. My Hackintosh for Sale UK

    Well although i haven't a photo, i can take one and email a photo.
  9. My Hackintosh for Sale UK

    Still for sale, in UK
  10. My Hackintosh for Sale UK

    Right i have bought my self a mac, now my wife wants a windows laptop, so if any one is interested in a trade, let me know.
  11. My Hackintosh for Sale UK

    Or if anyone has a ibook/powerbook, wanna trade, mine plus cash let me no, as i need a laptop. Mac only
  12. My Hackintosh for Sale UK

    Some one must want a prebuild, tried and tested system, only a few months old, open to offers, save you hunted for those compatible components.
  13. See my sig for spec, i am selling only due to the fact i need a laptop. Works 100%, as all components were bought to run os x, many parts still under warrenty, as only a few months old. PM Me Declan
  14. N64 Emulator for OSX / Emulator News.

    Cheers, works well nice 55 - 60 fps on Mario 64.
  15. P5LD2-VM Installation Advice

    Well i originally used the Myzar 10.4.4/5 but i can say generally it should be straight forward, i know some people have had problems with specific media, daft i know but try a different brand o disc. Could you list your specs as they might shed some more light, i originally had problems with a AMD system, the one listed in my sig, was bought part for part to just run os x. Can you try installing of a different dvd drive.