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    PC<br /><br />P4 3.06 HT sock 478<br />hd Sata maxtor 160gb<br />ati radeon 9200 :( (no qe/ci, no agp recognized)<br />1gb ram<br />m/b intel d865Perl<br />Linksys wmp54g-rt2500 pci-wireless card (working wireles)<br />50GB winds<br />50gb Macosx 10.4.5<br />60gb Files<br />
  1. YOU ARE DEF MY HERO!!!!!! thank u so much!!!! i'm in debt!!!!
  2. mm...i think that's not the problem...i've no troubles umounting the external hdd, my problem is to get rido of that folder, with something like 30 gb in it, and i can't access to it here is what i get typing from terminal computer-di-andrea-salata:/dev root# cd /Volumes computer-di-andrea-salata:/Volumes root# ls -a . ._IPOD ANDREA Lacie hdd .. ._SHUFFLE AND Machintosh That "lacie hdd" is not the mounted external hdd, but the folder wih the 30 gb in it, stored in my laptop hdd, and i can't eliminate it computer-di-andrea-salata:/Volumes root# mount /dev/disk0s2 on / (local, journaled) devfs on /dev (local) fdesc on /dev (union) <volfs> on /.vol automount -nsl [116] on /Network (automounted) automount -fstab [138] on /automount/Servers (automounted) automount -static [138] on /automount/static (automounted) and this is what i get with the "mount" command...
  3. Hi everyone!i think i really need someone helping me with this..ok..considering im form italy.and the thing is quite complicated..i 'll try to be as clear as i can... 1)i've a core 2 duo macbook, and an external lacie hdd 200gb. 2)using azureus, i decided to target the external hdd to save all my torrent files, and that's how i settted aureus preference. 3)macosx created a new folder named "lacie hdd" (the sme name i gave to my external hdd) in the "volumes" folder and azureus saved the files in that folder, and it's something like 30 gb.. 4)actually i can't remove that Lacie hdd" folder...and my lapop hd..is now almost full....how can i remove that? finder nor spotlight can find that folder..i can see it only if i use azureus and try to select a new target to download files... here is a pic of how it looks like...thank u very much!! hope someone can help me!!! screenshot.tiff
  4. pentium serie d 820-830-840 need too much power..and they are super hot, not a good choiche for a multimedia pc...take a normal p 3.2 3.4 or serie d 930-945....i've heard they are a bit better...but i'd stay away from first generation dual core...and i've one..
  5. well..keep waitin then....who knows... in 10 12 months they should improve hd, ram, dvd, graphic card...keeping the the same price!!wow! i've spent something like 350 $ for a 20 gb ipod 2 years ago....i should have waited for the 80 gb video ipod at the same price now..but no music for me in the past 2 years.
  6. Yep, XP IS faster than OSX

    i stopped using the first computer in my signature the day i got the second one
  7. jeeeez, u have just discovered the hot water.....u have to buy what u need today.....it's not a hint..it's just a childish behaviour towards technology :/
  8. jeeeeeez man!! have u ever bought an electronic device in the last 10 years??? do u think intell will ever stop to create new cpus???
  9. hi everyone i'm from italy..and prolly the iphone will be sold here in somehting like 1 year...do u think i can buy one in the us and make it work properly here, with italian mobile company? i'm just courious...cuz i and my friends were planning to buy something like 10 iphones..any suggestion?? thank u!!
  10. hey guys....i've just received my first real mac....everything seems to work veery smooth.....but i've issues with my wi fi connectio....well..without doing anything, at the beginnin, airporte recognize my wirlesse network "USR9110"...but it can't connect...it tells me...an error occurred while trying to connect with network "usr9110"..i've sett he ip, dns..ecc ecc....but...nothing..it won't connect...using the lan cable it work ok.. any help?? thank u!
  11. well i just ordered the 2,0 ghz, white one. with student accomodation...gonan refceive it next week..my second mac..the used mac mini ppc wasn't such a good thing..i mean..to slow compared with what i m used to use
  12. i'll order the white macbook 2,0 ghz tomorrow, thank u daddy
  13. kkkkkkkkk thank u...yes i think i'll get that one....let's see thank u!!
  14. and...is there a great difference between the model with 1,83 or 2 ghz? i know the ram, superdrive, 20gb hd, and cpu speed...so....what do u think?
  15. i supposed that..but i also knew that..if i was going to buy a macbook...i would have bought the 2,00ghz..with 1 gb ram and superdrive... btw my greatest question is about the vga...