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  1. Please Help me decide on a new Card

    Hi everyone, I dont post often here, in fact I havent been in the hackintosh scene for a while now..life and school tends to take me away at times..but i digress. I am looking to lion proof my Desktop. i have a couple of video cards im sure I might not get working anytime soon so I need to go out and buy a new one. Im not mucch of a gamer so I don tneed some sick $700 card that I will never use. I mainly do office stuff..i use spaces alot. I working in Final Cut studio, Aperture and Xcode. currently My system is running 10.6.7 Geforce 8500 gs 4GB DDr2 1066 (O.C) Motherboard is Gigabyte GA G31M ES2L the other video cards I have but not using are PNY Geforce GTS250 1Gb GEforce 9800GTX 2GB ATi 2600XT Please Please Please be kind and help me out. Im loooking fo something ins the $50-150 dollar range. I dont care if its Nvdia or Ati. thanks and Peace
  2. i cant say whether or not you can save EVERYTHING the way it were before you were to shut down OS X but i dont know you can set up spaces to have apps load only into them from default. such as every time you open mail it opens in space window 3. i suppose if you size the windows just right then shut down it will work but i haven't tried it. but the spaces app thing, ive tried. go to prefenceses then spaces then down below should be application assignment. hit the plus symbol and start adding apps. whis i could be more help
  3. im using energizer because they came with two AA batteries and a nefty USB charger. im charging two right now..magic mouce just died.
  4. hehe mine just died...hint..use rechargeable batteries
  5. OS X 10.6 SpeedTouch 330 Modem Driver

    cant you just use ethernet instead of usb or does that model not have that option?
  6. PowerMac G5 Diagrams

    Thanks man...i really needed this
  7. PowerHack G-i5 with Video

    This is sick!! good job man
  8. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    put me down for one too
  9. Leopard Laggy

    this is actually quite odd, and refreshing, i though i was the only one getting those choopy times on my system. im running 5200+ as you can read from my sig and i think i might do the same. i am now running the ideneb 10.5.7 upgrade with anv kernel. back before i had 10.5.5 and thats when it used to happen. knock on wood it hasent come back yet but i might have fixed it by changing my system ver and kernel.does your sound shutter at all??
  10. maybe if you dont hit report when you have a error