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  1. Unlocker

    DrDonk/Dave has a release candidate available for ESXi 6.5 on his GitHub page (https://github.com/DrDonk/unlocker)! For those that can't wait for it to be posted here, go download the master branch from GitHub and run that on ESXi. I can confirm that it is working on a white box ESXi 6.5 instance! Thanks for your awesome work Dave and all those that have helped on the project!
  2. OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    Using OsxAptioFix2Drv and slide=8 fixed this error for me on El Capitan GM. Thanks!
  3. Yosemite on GA-H61N-USB3 with Clover

    Unfortunately the i3-2100 has HD 2000 graphics, not HD 3000. That could be the reason you can only boot up in Safe Mode. I have a Celeron G530 (HD 2000) in one of my hackintoshes that I use for testing. I have to boot in safe mode, otherwise it doesn't boot at all. Also check to make sure that you have rolled back AppleACPIPlatform to the 10.9.5 kext. Hope this helps.
  4. Its all good! and you are correct that there is no proper sleep solution for the intel graphics. I had the intel graphics mobo and then bought the nvidia one off ebay for $99 shipped. I suggest doing the same! the only thing it breaks is display sleep but there is a workaround for it. also, on another note, has anyone else had problems with the VoodooBattery kext? it says that it is always on power adapter even when it's on battery. And i do believe this really drains the battery. Does anyone have any workarounds or solutions? Here's a picture to prove my point:
  5. dustpuppy is wrong. I have the nvidia D620 and sleep DOES work. I use the DSDT from the pack on the first post. Display sleep works but is a little more tricky. I forgot where I found it (probably earlier in this thread) but in order for display sleep to work, you need to have the screen change resolutions before you can see anything. A weird fix i know. Someone put together a nice little script with some free software that does this for you. Granted it does make the screen flicker a little when you "wake" it from display sleep. Just follow the instructions included with the zip files. I take no credit for this btw. mosx_displaypackage.zip
  6. hey everyone, i just spent the last couple of hours manually editing VoodooHDA for the Sigmatel 9200 on the D620. Everything works. Speaker, Internal Microphone, Headphone jack, and Microphone jack, (I'm not sure about SPID/F on the dock though). I've only tested this on Snow Leopard. I'm not sure about Leopard or Tiger. I followed the guide over here. Its a non official version of VoodooHDA just incase you were wondering. I haven't done much testing, but just let me know how it goes. I think the VoodooHDA is version 0.2.52. The latest from the link I posted above is 0.2.61 i believe. Anywho, cheers. Sigmatel9200VoodooHDA252.kext.zip EDIT: I forgot to mention that you should probably use this with the VoodooHDA prefpane. Just google it. I'm using a 64-bit version and it works perfectly
  7. Has anyone figured out how to get sleep working on the D620 w/ GMA950? I always get a kernel panic on wake...
  8. I need help concerning iPod Touch 3G

    you cannot jailbreak your iPod at 3.1.3 if you haven't jailbroken it before. There is no way to downgrade to 3.1.2 either, unless you've saved your 3.1.2 ECID SHSH keys from Cydia (which i doubt you have since you haven't jailbroken before). The devteam and geohot have found about 3 exploits for the iPhone OS. They aren't sure which one to use to stay ahead of Apple with OS 4.0 (see p0sixninja's blogpost here). There will most likely be a jailbreak by the end of the month, so just be patient and wait. I have to play the waiting game too. I had to get my iPhone replaced and they gave me an new one with 3.1.3 on it... So just wait till the end of this month and there should be a jailbreak out for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.
  9. I finally got around to cleaning up the guts of my mod. It looks much better now. Specs are in my signature.
  10. If you needed some ideas, here is my G5 Case mod:
  11. sleep works fine in 32-bit and 64-bit modes
  12. Put it in the /System/Library/Extensions folder. Make sure you replace the AppleHDA.kext that's already in there. I just edited my previous post to include this info.
  13. Hey all, I just updated to 10.6.3. I haven't messed around with it much but everything seems to work except audio. AppleHDA patching does not work in 10.6.3. This was expected (if you've been keeping up with any of the AppleHDA patching threads). So if you're using the ALC882 kext provided by 314TeR, after updating you will not have audio. To remedy this, just restore the vanilla AppleHDA.kext from 10.6.2 to the S/L/E folder, set permissions, and reboot. Audio should be working again. I'll post the 10.6.2 kext in a little bit. EDIT: uploaded the kext. hopefully i won't get in trouble for it. AppleHDA_10.6.2.kext.zip
  14. Yes i'm running 3001, but i don't use speedstep because i overclocked my Q6600 to 3Ghz. I'm not sure what you mean by make your computer run better. Do you mean faster? If so, you might need more ram. Mac OS X absolutely LOVES ram! The more you have, the better performance you get.
  15. To boot into 64-bit mode automatically you have to edit your com.apple.Boot.plist. Add the following lines: <key>arch</key> <string>x86_64</string> I'm running Final Cut Studio 3 on Snow Leopard and it works fine.