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  1. PowerMac G5 Diagrams

    These diagrams did not work for me. I tested them with a meter myself, testing resistance, and found that my pin-outs were definitely different from the ones posted.
  2. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    Any update, sir?
  3. PowerMac G5 Diagrams

    One question: I'm not interested in getting FireWire/USB working for now. To boot the computer, all I need is the Power Button, and the USB ground right? I tried that, and nothing happened, but when I prodded the pin manually on the mobo, it worked. Do I need a shielded ground from the USB too then? Thanks!
  4. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    If it works, and you can post pictures of it, count me in. I have heat, and eBay feedback.
  5. Oh, that'd be sooo nice of you! Pictures would help quite a bit. Thanks!
  6. Well, I actually have the "old" version with 18 pins. I'm just not sure what sort of wire to use, and what to be putting at the end. Thanks though!
  7. So... I have a few questions about modding the PowerMac G5 case. I've seen the sticky, and a few other threads, but none of them seem to have a definitive tutorial. What I understand so far: Okay, you take the G5 case, vanilla, and remove the motherboard stopper thingies. Then, you attach them again in an ATX Format. You attach the mobo, somehow, either by just putting it in, or if it doesn't fit, removing/cutting up the top part. You saw out the rear I/O, and either leave a hole, or make your own with aluminum. Pretty much, it should work now. Now, my questions: How do I hook the power button up? Do I take the 18 pin cable, cut one end of it, and solder some longer wires in, then connect it to the mobo? What sort of wire do I use for that, if what I said above was correct? Bascially, all I need to wire up is the power button, so I can actually turn it on. Wiring everything else comes later, after I can turn it on first. I'm totally new to modding, and so and and so forth, so any help would be appreciated a lot! Thanks, and happy new year!