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[Proposal] Face lift for OSX86Project.org

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First I'd like to say that I am extremely pleased with this community and how much it has helped me. I now have three computers running OS X 10.5.2 along side my iMac g4 and Mac Pro, and I was able to convince my stubborn parents to buy iMacs as well.


Since I don't have enough Mac knowledge to write drivers or apps to give back to the community all I can really do is provide this graphic.


I don't expect anyone to actually use it or even like it but take it as a simple proposed renewal to the main landing page of this site and the wiki... osx86project.org


It was designed with leopard in mind and plays a little bit more on the red/blue pill theme...




Let me know what you think, edits changes etc.


* Site Administrators *

Let me know if you would like to use it so that I can optimize it for faster loading and code it properly, etc.


I have no intention of receiving any recognition or compensation from this, this is simply my gift to the community.


Thank you.

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Very very nice design. +1


Also, try making a version where it says OSx86 instead of OSX^86 so we can all compare. Then make a poll and see what the staff says. ^_^

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