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  1. stroke

    No more Nvidia in Mac

    After googling some I've found that "Charlie" is an avid nvidia hater/ATI fanboy. I don't see any outstanding proof of these claims.
  2. Reasons why this is fake: - Resolution is too high - Dell monitor has no touch screen options available, let alone multitouch - There's no input cable going to the monitor (would be on the center of the left side, when vertical. There are only two [what appear to be] USB cables) - Browsing is way too fast - Guy's timing does not line up perfectly, and also his pinch & scale movement was wrong (relative vs. absolute positioning) Also, http://www.dreamfield.se/2009/06/iphoneipo...ral-experiment/ Actual movie used: http://www.dreamfield.se/wp-content/video/iSpoof_HQ.mov
  3. Uhm, you're running OS X on a non-supported PC. Why should it be guaranteed that it performs as well as a supported OS?
  4. stroke

    why do men get married?

    how very mature of you, nitpicking over a common typo
  5. stroke

    Apple, leave my ebay acount alone!

    As I said previously before it was deleted: you're retarded.
  6. You can send an NSNotification to a controller object registered for that notification, or you can use NSObject's performSelectorOnMainThread:withObject:waitUntilDone: method.
  7. stroke

    i can't watch my video....

  8. stroke


    Well, I have more to my name than you do. You're just too much of a noob in the scene to know it. Edit: also, what's this? the SECOND time you've promised to leave the scene? It looks like we have a little Colonel reincarnate with us.
  9. All this coming from someone who doesn't even know what forum to post in. (if you're going to spam your stupid opinions, at least do it in the right forums)
  10. Seriously, 1) this is not your website and 2) you don't have to use the default theme (see popup box in bottom left). Quit your bitching, seeing as clearly you don't know anything about website design yourself. Granted, the site is ugly, and performs badly. But that doesn't give you the right to say they're doing it wrong and should redo it when you don't even know what you're talking about. Not only that, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because some of us think the design is {censored}, doesn't mean everyone else does. Unfortunately for your whiny do-things-my-way attitude, the people who maintain receive profit from this site seem partial the current theme. Chances are it won't change. GET OVER IT.
  11. stroke

    need iphone dev help

    You should really be using macros for stuff like that, not constants.
  12. Those files aren't available for use from within the kernel framework.. you may have luck adding them to your project.
  13. Just remember that while OS X costs 120 dollars, Vista can cost upwards of 400. And Vista isn't proprietary.