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  1. Theres Two MAC's lol

  2. dock behind windows?

    You can always set your dock to automatically hide and only appear when you move your cursor to the bottom of the desktop in System Preferences, if that's any help to you.
  3. Take One, Leave One

    Let this old game die... Continuing or stopping?
  4. Front Row on External Monitor?

    Pretty much just what the title says; is there any way to get Front Row to run on the external monitor instead of (if not aswell as ) the main monitor? Thanks!
  5. Rich, Poor, Dumb Man's OS - wallpaper

    I think it'd look nice with slight reflections on the images... it doesn't feel much like wallpaper at the moment; but I like the concept
  6. Is triple boot possible on same hdd?

    Vista can't be installed on Fat32 anyway... so that won't be an issue.
  7. New Mac Mini in early March?

    Yep But at least I wasn't disappointed XD
  8. Hidden Vista Boot Screen

    Is this hidden though? I thought it was just the boot screen from waking from hibernation that you could just apply as the normal boot screen :S
  9. New Mac Mini in early March?

    But there have been rumours of an imminent Mac Mini refresh ever since the last update... I wouldn't hold too much by it personally
  10. The conversation that took place this morning.

    That Hitler looks a lot like David Mitchell...
  11. Steve Jobs takes health hiatus

    Scottishduck? We may be more inclined to believe you if you could spell or use grammar. Steve Jobs truly revolutionised the whole PC market; no computer on the market would be anywhere near as versatile if it wasn't for him and his revolution(s) on Apple. I wish him a complete recovery and the all the time in the world he can take to spend with his family and other relatives.
  12. OS X Annoyances

    Applesam161, well said (Y) I've never heard of anyone who didn't realise it was a menu...
  13. Songsmith by microsoft

    It doesn't even look like Windows Interface...
  14. Take One, Leave One

    Diet Vanilla Coke but they don't make it my country any more : ( Integration or Differentiation?