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In DSDT, add following code under Device(HDEF):

Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized)            {                Store (Package (0x0C)                    {                        "codec-id",                         Buffer (0x04)                        {                            0x6E, 0x50, 0xF1, 0x14                        },                         "layout-id",                         Buffer (0x04)                        {                            0x0C, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00                        },                         "PinConfigurations",                         Buffer (Zero) {},                         "hda-gfx",                         Buffer (0x0A)                        {                            "onboard-1"                        },                         "device-type",                         Buffer (0x11)                        {                            "Conexant CX20590"                        },                         "MaximumBootBeepVolume",                         Buffer (One)                        {                            0x4D                        }                    }, Local0)                DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0))                Return (Local0)            }

Pathmap on my machine:

0x19 Pin Default 0x04211040: [Jack] HP Out at Ext Right


changed: 40102101

17->25 (0x10->0x19)

0x1a Pin Default 0x04a11030: [Jack] Mic at Ext R&Dight


changed: 30108101

20->23->26 (0x14->0x17->0x1a)

0x1f Pin Default 0x90170110: [Fixed] Speaker at Int N/A


16->31 (0x11->0x1F)

0x23 Pin Default 0x90a60150: [Fixed] Mic at Int N/A (doubt??????)


21->35 (0x14->0x23)


01071cf0 01071d00 01071e00 01071f40

01171cf0 01171d00 01171e00 01171f40

01271cf0 01271d00 01271e00 01271f40

01371cf0 01371d00 01371e00 01371f40

01471cf0 01471d00 01471e00 01471f40

01571cf0 01571d00 01571e00 01571f40

01671cf0 01671d00 01671e00 01671f40

01771cf0 01771d00 01771e00 01771f40

01871cf0 01871d00 01871e00 01871f40

01971C30 01971D10 01971E21 01971F03

01A71C20 01A71D10 01A71E81 01A71F03

01b71cf0 01b71d00 01b71e00 01b71f40

01c71cf0 01c71d00 01c71e00 01c71f40

01d71cf0 01d71d00 01d71e00 01d71f40

01e71cf0 01e71d00 01e71e00 01e71f40

01F71C00 01F71D01 01F71E17 01F71F91

02071cf0 02071d00 02071e00 02071f40

02171cf0 02171d00 02171e00 02171f40

02271cf0 02271d00 02271e00 02271f40

02371C40 02371D01 02371EA3 02371FB7

02471cf0 02471d00 02471e00 02471f40

02571cf0 02571d00 02571e00 02571f40

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THANKS!! sound and microfone are working great with CX20590 and Lenovo IdeaPad u410 and 10.9.2! NO Widget/Slider Sync "bug"

don't forget to patch IRQ in your DSDT, i had no luck without IRQ.. but now it's working PERFECT :D

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