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  1. [Guide] AIO Guides For Hackintosh

    What a amazing work ! I have learned lots of knowledge from it ! Thanks for your work, pokenguyen . I wanna ask you if I could translate this thread and post on a Chinese website ?
  2. Well, I got it. Thank you. :-)
  3. Hi, Mieze, could you add support for AR8132? Just because ALXEthernet has no update for a long time.
  4. Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    It works,Thank you! :-)
  5. Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    When I add the method M_ON and M_OF before the _WAK method,it comes the error: "Input file does not appear to be an ASL or data table source file" What should I do?
  6. [Help]Why I can't disable nvidia card?

    Hi,pokenguyen,I love Pokenmon,too. Nice to meet you. :-) Well,I want to ask you which should I call Methon(_PS3) or Method(_OFF) for disabling discrete card? I always call Method(_OFF),but I'm not sure about that. So,I wonder know witch is better? :-)
  7. Brightness after display off

    You can try Rehabman's DSDT patch repo to patch your DSDT or a SSDT. To add this to MaciASL(a software to modify and compile DSDT). http://raw.github.com/RehabMan/Laptop-DSDT-Patch/master Maybe I can help you to try this.So,post your original DSDT.aml and SSDT*.aml(all SSDTs).
  8. Mavericks iTunes Black Screen

    Well,back to Mavericks's iTunes,then,try to change a SMBios,like iMac 14,2 or Mac Mini 6,2 etc...
  9. What I want to say is: 1.Wow!Can you make Nvidia card work in a laptop?(It seems you are using Nvidia G 750M?) 2.You can use this software to config your clover easily:Clover Configurator. You can Google this software. And you can find nvda_drv=1 like thing.
  10. Hey,Why don't you post to YuanJing forum? Well,I have done these jobs: 1.I remove the associational PEGP code to dsdt. So,you shouldn't use original ssdts now.Just because I remove necessary code to dsdt. You can use another way for power management. eg,CState and PState,or ssdtPRGen.sh. 2.Then,I call _OFF Method in Methond(_INI) and Method(_WAK).Usually,it should be worked. 3.I use ACPI 4.0 compiler to compile it. 4.And I think you shouldn't use dsdt to inject your HD4000.Just because your Method(_DSM) in Device (GFX0) is complex. 其实你在远景发帖也可以吧。 :-) DSDT_Disable_Discrete_Graphic_Card.zip
  11. Who can help me modify my dsdt to disable nvidia card

    Hi,could you post your original files? I mean dsdt.aml and ssdt*.aml (all ssdts) .
  12. QE/CI Exotic Patch for Mavericks

    Hi,what's graphic card it works for?
  13. AppleHDA for Cx20590

    Great! Lisai. :-)
  14. RV 509 DSDT

    Hi,is it for every machine? or just for several kinds of machines?