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  1. Patching DSDT

    DSDT patching is an acquired skill. You need to do a lot of trial to get it right. You need to know what you need to patch. Eg 1. Audio? what codec and what layout you need. 2. Screen resolution. (graphics) 3.CPU power power management 4. Battery 5. IRQ 6. Mutex 7. MCHC 8. USB (what series.) 9. Fix TNOT if you have the error 10 etc My advice, download Maciasl and download the patches from rehabman. Use only what you need. Google is your friend
  2. El Capitan Random Shutdowns?

    If it is a random restart you might as well check your eternet kext. It happened to me and I deleted the eternet kext and installed the appropriate one and it stoped.. Happy hacking
  3. AppleHDA CX205090 OS X EL Capitan

    Ok. Something worked for me. Do the patches and use vietnam tool and install voodoo HDA. Everything worked including HDMI audio. :)
  4. AppleHDA CX205090 OS X EL Capitan

    Never worked for me. Did all the patches. Kext loaded but no joy. :(
  5. You will never know untill you try. But am sure that you will not have wifi unless you swap your wifi card or use a usb wifi adaptor. Audio you can get with patched applehda or voodoohda. Card reader is almost impossible on dell. Just try and see the result and start working out the problem with kexts and dsdt patches.
  6. AppleHDA for Cx20590

    Works great on Yosemite. Dell inspiron 15r se 1720
  7. AppleHDA for Cx20590

    Never mind. Got it to work on mavericks 10.9.5. Marvelous. Will try on Yosemite..
  8. AppleHDA for Cx20590

    Can you please throw some light on the install procedure. I have patched my dsdt.. Thank You