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  1. MacNB

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    @e14883362 You have marked my reply from over a year ago as "confused". What are you confused about ?
  2. MacNB

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    But why ?? Why change it to 830 ??
  3. MacNB

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Something wrong with your screenshot....it shows Intel UHD Graphics 830 Huh ????
  4. I agree with. I 'm pretty disappointed after spending a lot money on the RX580 after the so called "pundits" claiming "..working OOB" before doing thorough testing of what and why one would need such an expensive GPU...to do real GPU work...not just a working GUI. Vega are still too expensive for me with no clear promise of truly useful functionality (one that will provide H.264 encode & decode, HEVC enc/dec and DRM playback).
  5. That dummy kext seems to be simply naming the model as "Radeon Pro 580". I don't think it solves the problem of RX 5xx encoding H.264 unfortunately (well at least with my translation of German). BTW, I attached that kext here. AMDRadeonPro.kext.zip
  6. That's nothing to do with RX580. Anyway, I pretty sure you cannot encode H.264 with your Vega ...but Vega is not the topic here
  7. MacNB

    A strange problem with Rx 580 Powercolor

    I have a Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ 8GB and have exactly the problem at boot up (as the RX480 video above). I am living with it as I do not boot often since the system sleeps and wakes very well. I have IGPU (i7-3770K) enabled in connector-less mode but the RX580 is primary (in UEFI). Disabling the IGPU does not make any difference to the boot-up flashing. I cannot remember what happened when the IGPU is enabled in connector mode with a screen connected to the IGPU and a second screen connected to the DGPU. May be, I'll try it if I get some time.
  8. MacNB

    Clover Themes

    .....use the attached terminal command (thx to a tip from blackosx). Give it the name of the theme you wish to download as a parameter. get-theme.sh
  9. Really ? You cannot view/mount/unmount EFI partitions from within the high sierra DU like you could with the old one (with Debug enabled). Plus, the new DU has terrible user interface compared to the older one for changing partitions.
  10. MacNB

    Clover Themes

    Stop Stop...please stop...I can't take anymore...please...please...I got way too many favourite themes from you now..
  11. Thanks. This problem has been bugging me for a while a while with recent Clover builds on my Z77X-up5 motherboard. Just replaced the aptiofix3 driver with aptiomemoryfix and done 5 restarts without issues. So far so good. I think issues arise when there's a system change like installing or moving kexts. PS. I get the message 119/256 slide values. What does that mean ?
  12. MacNB

    Clover Themes

    Somehow my reply did not post here. Second attempt. Another great theme. I always liked the original from @blackosx that I used on all my builds during the Chameleon days. Finally, nice to see it in Clover. Great job. keep it up.
  13. Thanks. Good to know. The default should be to click the title. That xx hours ago text is so small and it's fading to grey colour.
  14. Thanks. That updated link worked. The problem was not just with your posts but others too. I'll report them here as I find them. BTW, another great clover theme from you.
  15. Welcome back. Can't say I am completely impressed but hope the look & navigation improves. I miss the the old "New Content". The new "Unread content" is not easy to navigate as it just lists unread posts with the link to the FIRST post and not the last past which means you have to click the ">>" to get to the last page. Inefficient. Also, more importantly many links to people's uploaded files do not work....well the few I tried. E.g. this one (Nightwish theme) just downloads an Zero byte file. I'm using macOS safari.