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  1. MacNB

    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur

    Thank you. I got confused when you said run-efu-update. What you really meant was set run-efi-updater=NO. Also, with the latest Lilu.kext there's no need to use vsmcgen=1 as boot-args
  2. MacNB

    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur

    What is run-efu-update into the old config.plist ???
  3. MacNB

    A simple OC Theme

    Very nice. May I make a suggestion ? Since you have the Apple logo as a "badge" for the OS type for the macOS, may be "other" OS's could have their own badge under the drive image ? See attached example for Windows Windows.icns
  4. MacNB

    OpenCore Successful in GA-H77-DS3H Hackintosh

    See attached. It was used with OC 0.6.0 on my Z77X motherboard with i7-3770K (Hack 4 in my signature). You need to add the specs of your system in your signature MacNB-config.plist
  5. MacNB

    OpenCore Legacy for GA-EX58-UD5

    I built my own version 0.6.0. The change from "Block" to "Delete" to release came in version 0.5.9. Yes some of the config items get changed, added, or removed from version to version so you always should check the differences.pdf. Also, in 0.6.0 there's a command line utility to check validity of your config.plist - it's called ocvalidate. In 0.5.9 it's called ConfigValidity. For both, you pass the path of your config.plist as a parameter.
  6. MacNB

    OpenCore Legacy for GA-EX58-UD5

    If I may, I have succeeded in getting my old Dell Inspiron 530 hack (Hack 2 in my signature) more or less working with OpenCore. My system does not have a working NVRAM and so have to use Legacy setting in the OC Config.plist. It was suggested to me by the devs that OenRuntime.efi does not work with Legacy boot and should be removed. Also, currently only way to set the default boot drive is to use Startup Disk from System Prefs. To view the the nvram variables, you have to use the full GUID of the variable. E.g. MacNB@iMac-530 ~ $ nvram -x 8BE4DF61-93CA-11D2-AA0D-00E098032B8C:BootOrder <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>8BE4DF61-93CA-11D2-AA0D-00E098032B8C:BootOrder</key> <data> gAAAAAEAAgADAAQABQAGAAcA </data> </dict> </plist> MacNB@iMac-530 ~ $ See my attache config.plist and look at the way I setup the Legacy nvram Currently it all works but there's an issue with the legacy boot file that's gets installed by the legacy bootinstall.command. It may be specific to my system as it does not recognise any of my SATA drives. The devs are working on it to find a solution as it used to work but broke somewhere when they merged the Legacy Duet packaged into OpenCore. I am using an older version. If you are getting into the boot picker then your system does not have the issue. Also, in your config.plist, you are setting up the SMBIOS manually. When you do that, you have to be very very precise with the values you use. The only reason I use it manually is only for ONE reason: to set the ProcessorType (since I get an unknown CPU in About macOS). I have an old Xeon E5450 in my system and I am using iMac14,2 as the model-id which does not use a Xeon (hence unknown CPU because OC sets the CPU type to what a real iMac14,2 uses and not what is actually used). MacNB-2-config.plist
  7. MacNB

    Need Help with Installing OpenCore

    You need to do some homework first. See this guide for moving from Clover to Opencore. Make sure that you have a bootable Clover USB as a backup.
  8. MacNB

    Opencore last step problem, please HELP.

    What do mean by "hidden EFI folder" ? EFI folders are not hidden. They just not mounted by default. Some EFI Mount utilities do not always Mount EFI multiple EFI folders correctly and macOS can get confused (e.g. each EFI partition is mounted with the name "EFI" instead of unique names). Best to mount one at a time. Best to use macOS's terminal command diskutil mount diskXs1 where you replace X with the disk number. You can get the disk number by first running diskutil list. To unmount the EFI partition, use diskutil unmount diskXs1 where X is the disk number. If you have never installed anything on your macOS SSD EFI partition, then the EFI partition will be empty. Tip: Mount your USB EFI and copy contents to a temp folder on your macOS drive and then unmount the USB EFI partition (important). Mount your macOS SSD EFI Partition and copy the content of the temp folder to the macOS EFI partition In your BIOS se the MacOS SSD as your main boot drive and restart your system
  9. MacNB

    OpenCore Successful in GA-H77-DS3H Hackintosh

    See this guide for moving from Clover to OpenCore
  10. MacNB

    No schema for Block at 1 index errors

    Use OC's own tool for validating your config.plist. It is called ocvalidate which you run from terminal and you provide the path to your config file as an argument. i.e. ./ocvalidate /path/to/your/config.plist. The tool is located in OC's Utilities/ocvalidate folder. Then post your config.plist
  11. MacNB

    OpenCore Discussion

    Thanks boot-6d717c89b2bf90fc5378b652548d5e3c153396dc boots but the others fail.
  12. MacNB

    Customized OpenCore with additional features

    The NDK fork has not been updated for a while. There have been fixes to the AudioDxe in the Official OC builds. What build are you using and which version ?
  13. MacNB

    Customized OpenCore with additional features

    and the solution was ???
  14. MacNB

    OpenCore Discussion

    Thanks. I used to use that in the Snow Leopard days but now use device-id injection via DSDT. macOS works fine with the device-id injection. The problem is Legacy boot with OpenDuet. OpenDuet does not "see" the SATA drives so cannot boot macOS. The Old Duet pkg worked and that's what I am using but that has other issues.
  15. MacNB

    OpenCore Discussion

    Thanks @Rodion2010. My PCI dumps shows: PCI = [00:1F.2] Vendor-ID:Device-ID = [8086:2681], Sub-Vendor:Sub-Device = [1028:020D], Device Name = [631xESB/632xESB SATA AHCI Controller], IOReg IO Name = [pci8086,2822] and I too use device-id <81260000> Is there hope/possibility of adding [8086:2681] to OpenDuet SATA driver ?