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  2. From another thread, thanks to @MacUser2525 <key>7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82</key> <dict> <key>SystemAudioVolume</key> <data> Rg== </data> <key>boot-args</key> <string>-v keepsyms=1 alcid=1</string> <key>csr-active-config</key> <data>5wMAAA==</data> <key>prev-lang:kbd</key> <data>ZW4tVVM6MA==</data&
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  4. Thank you very much for your prompt reply and kind help. I just waked up and my mind is not so clear now. I have no experience to compile the new commit of Clover. Can you show me how to get proper older revision of DUET i.e. boot6 file because I found copy from 10.11.6 Partition/usr/standalone/i386/boot or /i386/x64/boot6 to Legacy USB and rename to boot can not solve this problem. Do you think re-install with Clover r.5128 or older version can fix it ?
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  6. Hi. I found this: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/317521-good-bye-clover-32/?do=findComment&comment=2744719 @chris1111 Can you explain how to boot a DUET from an EFI partition? P.S. Can I compile CLOVER as CLOVER_EBC.efi - EFI Byte Code? EBC applications can be run under both UEFI32 and UEFI64: uefiinfo.efi
  7. Ciao io non ho la tua stessa scheda madre, ma se vedi la firma forse la mia efi potrebbe funzionare pure per te. Tieni presente che ho provato ad installare Big Sur più per prova che per altro perchè la storia degli hd che non consentono di scrivere non la reggo e non uso OC ma Clover. Ora sto su un altro (portatile di mille anni fa Extensa 5220 trasformato Abarth con Catalina).. Domani te la posto. prova, se funziona te la aggiusti bene dopo.
  8. Seems like an okay antispam method but it is quite annoying
  9. I'm trying to get Catalina installed on my thinkpad x220 but it always fails. I had it installed a while ago but moved back to windows. I was originally using this clover efi. The install process worked fine with this originally but doesn't anymore https://github.com/x-t/x220-catalina-efi The installer looks like it works okay and eventually reboots the machine but after rebooting and continuing the install on the black screen with the apple logo it will eventually fail. I tried doing the fix here where users said running the setup tool from terminal again will fix it but it d
  10. Hi, I'm trying to install Catalina on an Ice Lake Notebook (i3 1005g1) but I couldn't get past the attached kernel panic screen. I have tried making some adjustments such as - EnableWriteUnprotector -> True RebuildAppleMemoryMap -> False SyncRuntimePermissions -> False Also tried changing SystemProductName from MacBookAir9,1 to MacBookPro16,2. I have attached my EFI and OC log here. Can anyone please check and let me know what I'm doing wrong here? Thanks. EFI.zip opencore-2021-03-01-020756.txt
  11. @antuneddu Good to hear the Ubuntu icon now works and you’re enjoying the fonts. @BuXb Sure. I’ll get it ready to post this week (though it may be quicker.. lol). I can’t view that background file easily on my mobile so I’ll look at it when next on my machine.
  12. .. oh, and here's a background I just made for 1920 x 1080 (on the 1st = retina slice only a small thumbnail for preview in Finder) which you might like Background.icns.zip
  13. Afaik, no need to put (add-on) kexts in /S/L/E or /L/E to boot with OpenCore and SIP enabled. Set csr-active config to 0 and keep your kexts in the OC kexts folder.
  14. @blackosx re. "If it’s of use to others I may post this script here so anyone can generate their own font images?" splendid I'd call that! @antuneddu right on!
  15. Your break is inside DUET i.e. boot6 file. Try to use another one from older revision.
  16. Can you compile and test new commit? I am not sure you have the same issue.
  17. As usual you are the n1 Thank you. This then to copy the icon ... you never stop learning By the way, as you can see, I put the new characters. Aller_Bd .... works great
  18. @antuneddu did you try the suggestion here? @BuXb Thanks. Moving forward for now, I think it’s just a case of finding the right font per user as I believe OpenCanopy’s aim is to be as close to Apple’s boot picker as possible. So as far as ever being able to use a larger font will be down to future dev changes if they wish to allow that. @miliuco Thanks. Last August when I first looked in to the fonts, I created a bash script to call the appropriate programs (for example, dpfontbaker) to generate the font files.. this is using MacOS and not the recommended method with Wi
  19. Thank you, excellent work, now we have a set of fonts to choice.
  20. Do this: Enter into Boot section of BIOS setup to erase entries that contain OpenCore, placing macOS disk as the first option ResetNVRAM in OC menu Boot into macOS Configure LauncherOption and LauncherPath LauncherOption = Disabled LauncherPath = Default Reboot by removing OpenCore entries in BIOS again and cleaning NVRAM.
  21. Hi, Would you happen to know if there is anything out for Big sur? 11.2.2 Perhaps?
  22. thanks, but I already have the entries for both Windows and Ubuntu defined in the config and from opencore I boot all of them, the problem does not show me the right icons
  23. @blackosx wow, quite a magician you are - kudos. Yes, you're right. I went straight for the bolder type face but the numbers are too jagged + the font is too small. So for now, until OC allows scaling of some sorts e.g. via a setting for dedicated 13px/ 14px/ 15px pixel fonts, framd seems like the best choice. I'd even say the OC team might want to choose it as default. @antuneddu haven't tried myself but saved this link in my bookmarks
  24. Mayday! it's been half an hour I've been fighting with icons but I can't win , practically I added an icon for Ubuntu I can't see it I renamed it in Ubuntu, Other, grubx64.efi with and without Modern variant ... it doesn't work ,small help? thank you
  25. Well, me talking rubbish! Ofcourse does work, only need to make sure that Recovery is not "hidden" in Clover config.plist
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