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  1. Mastachief

    Installing snow leopard compaq c500

    Just plug a monitor into it, then work on it from there to install the necessary kexts.
  2. Mastachief

    parts needed accdg. to circuit diagram

    I have Orphans tears, but i dont have a tear collector to put them in....
  3. Mastachief

    Latest photos

    Why did you kill the reflections?
  4. Good!, now destabilize your camera shake by using a camera dummy the next time, there easy to make if you cant afford one.
  5. 800 US or Pound Sterling?
  6. Mastachief

    GMA X3100 not working right after 10.6.3

    OKay for you folks who do not have GMA X3100 working, i think i found a solution. For most of you you have a kext named iographicsfamily located in your /Extra/Extensions folder or in your preboot.dmg, do not mess with the new one in your /System/Library/Extensions folder. Remove the iographicsfamily kext and then reboot, QE/CI should be working now, if not you probably messed around too much. If so reapply the 10.6.3 update and then reboot and type -v and mention the output below, it should only say "setting up Alkor Data not shown"
  7. Remove DSDT.aml from your current installer and remove certain kexts from your extra folder which might cause it to panic, i removed appleintelpixxata or something like that and all went well interms of booting after that
  8. hmm, wouldn't all you need is the switch to open the program itself? but if im getting what you're saying here is the list of operations i think you should program the single API functions to do instead 1. Open File with Program 2. Go to Slideshow View 3. Once Slideshow view is closed close program Not sure if that is the operation you can use as it would not allow time for editing, but its still not as seamless as you would want it. I use PowerPoint for Mac and there is a format it has called .pptx, or something i think which is a powerpoint show file with all the music and all embedded into the single file, requires powerpoint 2007 (i think), so why not save separate versions of the file editable and non editable then do the function i specified above, that way its read only so if they want to try to edit it they still wont be able to. however when in doubt USE GOOGLE, never failed yet trust me Hey Im just saying
  9. Mastachief

    What is this "work break" application name?

    Probably just a self written script using cocoa?
  10. Mastachief

    Logic Studio 9 & IO|2

    Make sure you select the correct input, sometimes stereo input as a selection wont work, you may need to put it on the mono mic setting, hope this works, it did when i got no sound on garageband
  11. Your graphics card will not work, get gma 950 or gma 1300 or get an nvidia graphics card enabled laptop.
  12. Mastachief

    is it worth fixing

    its still your choice at the end of the day, if its worth fixing, do it, if you need it, think about what you need it for, and how long you will need it, maybe selling the parts and buying a new machine would be worth more than fixing it or vice versa, but if it is still under apples warranty, take it to an apple repair store, they will repair it for you, given it is a legal machine and you have proof of ownership and it is not fraudulent. that would be the documents you got from the person you bought it from.
  13. Mastachief

    Gaming Hackintosh

    Nvidia equals win win, take it from a pirate, ATI I am not against, but there seems to be more support for the Gforce nvidia series and GTX series dont you think? Go Nvidia and Evga you wont regret it!!! If you do not believe me take a look at the wiki.
  14. Mastachief

    What can I do with all this stuff?

    Well you can: 1. Fish around instructables.com to see what you can get off it and build til you have no parts left. :pirate2: 2. Sell the stuff, start a farm, Serve God till he comes. 3. DVD lasers are very powerful, able to burn and blind civilians and leave blind spots in retinas, think of some way to use that for good, no? 4. Fuse xbox 360 to g4 and make mini robot to help you out if you are in trouble (that you dont intentionally cause on yourself). Whatever you do, don't let it sit in a corner and rot like how i go to some electrical tech guys house and see stuff piled in from the floor to the ceiling (and he still doesn't know what to do with the stuff), do not put the stuff in the garage, it never leaves there.
  15. Can i have some more stats please i need the information relating to quartz gl