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I tried to tell the folks in the Mac forum at DSLreports in 2001 that there was a parallel development of OS X on x86 - I was basically called a liar and ignored. Then again, I was also flamed for daring to state that my 1.2 ghz P3 laptop was faster than my 600mhz iBook. Serious bunch of dorks over there...

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Most die-hard Mac users are total and complete loyalists. They believe they are the Jedi, and PC users are the "dark side".


Seriously, it should have been made obvious that Apple was developing for both PPC and x86 when back in 1996 they said they would ship "yellow box" for Windows and Rhapsody. And that Rhapsody really came from the x86 platform in the first place (was ported to PPC from x86 OpenStep or NextStep).

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I guess the reason for Apple becoming so successfull is because it´s

a "one man show". The technical and design ideas came from a small

group of enthusiastic people and they hadn´t been the first to do this,

but they are still alive!


Where are the cracks from the Intel-liga? They suffer from "Too many

cooks spoil the broth."

For example:

Do you know the A20 gate? It´s a small circuit, which had been necessary

to run the memory stuff at the time they switched from 8Bit to 16Bit CPUs.

As far as i know, one mainboard team from IBM has forgotten to implement

this gate on their first PS/2 machine and they had to use some similar gate

from the keyboard. And MS did the rest.

The result was the 640K memory limitation for almost a decade...

And my Athlon BIOS is still emulating this A20 gate!!!


At the same time Apple worked on the first working GUI with mouse

(initiated by Xerox) and a few years later the NeXT Cube had the one

and only working WYSIWYG solution by displaying PostScript on the

monitor, exactly like on the printer!

Do you know some PostScript graphics accellerator for Intel working

with Windoze?


I´m a wanderer between the worlds as each system has it´s advantages

[Amiga, R.I.P. :P ], and i hope the creative people will live long and prosper!

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