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  1. stryder

    Coming Soon: Install Guide for x200 users

    If it works with Intel, it should work on Celeron M, because a Celeron M is an Intel processor. However, the biggest issue (IMHO) is that the Toshiba Satellite has an IDE DVD on the Master, and a SATA HD. From what I gather, this is hard to get around for installing. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's been my assumption for not being able to install on any of my machines (3).
  2. stryder

    Linux On MacPro?

    I'm bumping this thread to the top... Now to answer the question: it may be threefold. 1. Price. A MacPro similarily configured to a HP or Dell offering costs less. 2. Compatibility. 3. Speed. More about 2 and 3 below. I use a developer environment called "Runtime Revolution". It uses a GUI-based environment for developing GUI applications. They recently announced Intel OS X Universal Binary support. However, they also have a product that runs via command-line and enables CGIs and other nice command-line goodness. However, their engine isn't a UniBin, and talking and pleading with them several times has gotten nowhere. They don't seem to care when or if they port their Darwin PPC engine to x86. As such, performance is bad under Rosetta. Compare that to their Linux version, which runs happily along on Intel Xeons with Linux. I have a project running on a dual-core G5 2.something GHz machine, utilizing RAID 10, and a project running on a shared hosting provider utilizing dual-processor Intel Xeon 2.8. The one running at the shared host provides a boost in performance by as much as 10x. It's unclear if this is due to Linux vs. OS X, the way the engine is ported to different platforms, or the processor architecture itself. It would be nice to test the performance on the same hardware, using an Intel-native engine for both platforms, but alas, that's not possible. I'm in the process of starting a large corporation for a project that looks financially promising, and leaving my current employer. Right now I'm using a shared-host provider, but as we sign up clients, we would need our own hardware. My experience with Macintosh since 1990 leads me to purchase a MacPro for our server needs. However, my experience with the performance would (at least at first) require the installation of Linux to fully utilize the MacPro's Xeon processors. Once Runtime Revolution is ported to x86 Darwin, one would have the opportunity to test the operating systems on the same machine. Now, you're going to ask why I use a development environment with such limitations. I'm a veteran HyperCard programmer. I'm not a general programmer, and have never been able to grasp C, and the like. However, I can do many wonderful things with HyperCard. As you may know, HyperCard is dead, and has been for some time. However, Runtime Revolution's Transcript is a full implementation (and more) of HyperCard's HyperTalk. I was able to develop and deploy a successful eBay-like auction website (except that the site only allows selling of this company's goods instead of other people's goods) using this software. The company I work for has been using HyperCard since 1997, when it was popular, and many already-proven pieces of code can simply be copy-pasted into a CGI environment and run in any web browser. To summerize, I would buy MacPros for Linux initially, then deploy back to OS X if and when the performance allowed. The MacPro allows you the flexability to switch OSes that no other hardware platform provides. And it costs less, too.
  3. Unfortunately, for us North of the 49th, Dell offers a machine with 14", Celeron w/400FSB, boo boo boo. I just picked up a Toshiba Celeron (Yonah) 1.4 with 15.4", DVD burner, 60GB SATA, 512 DDR2, Bluetooth, Atheros Wifi and Firewire for $599 Canadian bucks.
  4. stryder

    Sex before marriage?

    Before my wife and I were married, we decided not to have sex until after our son was born.
  5. stryder

    Mac OS X Server 10.4 Running

    I do remember back in the early days (Aug/Sept 05) someone reported installing the Server "upgrade" on a Hackintosh, and it was discovered that most of the components are running under Rosetta. That makes it kind of pointless. However, Apple now ships OS X Server 10.4.7 which is a Universal install DVD. Now THAT would be a copy I would like to get my hands on (we bought 10.4.0 back in February). :-(
  6. stryder

    Installing vista with no dvd burner...

    Not sure how accurate this is. The email I got from Microsoft didn't say I could only install it 10 times, it said it was good on upto 10 computers.
  7. stryder

    [Random] 9999 Replies

    374 - hmm... 3 minus seven is -4, first number plus last number is middle number, uh second number minus third number is first number. second number minus first number is third number. Screw it, all three just add up to 14. Now, while I have your attention, let me tell you about an important service we offer. As you may know, when you use InsanelyMac.com, you may be liable for whatever you type. However, I am pleased to offer you what we call "egg-on-face protector". What this does is that, say you lost your job because you have egg on your face, we would post a job request to this site for you. Now, having the protection is free, so long as you don't use your keyboard. We charge 1ct for every key you press, it's really that simple, and affordable! Press 1 to have this special protection automatically added to your account. Press 2 if you wish to try this feature, and disable it later (we will bill you starting yesturday). Press 3 if you wish to have enrolled in this last year, and we will check the keylogger we installed on your machine for a keystroke count, then bill you. Press 4 if you are running Mac OS X, and we will charge you 1.233ct/keystroke. Press 5 if you would like to refer your neighbour, and if they accept, we will give you the protection plan for FREE! Press 6 to speak to a representative (to speak to a representative, you must enter this special PIN code within the 5 second allowed: 36565232696859562313646532685653167462316879864131346100616036164000000000000000 00001166). Press 7 to end your call (we will call you back in an hour to see if you have changed your mind about the protection). Press 8 to end your call and start your free trial (we will still bill you for the keystrokes, however). Press 9 to stay on the line. Press 0 to be silently referred to our 1-900 support number.
  8. stryder

    MacOSX Server 1.2

    No longer for sale. I'll keep it instead... Sorry.
  9. I can't get it to boot on mine, either, without safe mode. I thought maybe Apple dropped support for my G4 with Leopard, but I guess not. I was seriously looking for another Mac to replace my G4 until I saw your post. Then I just decided to get a PC Laptop and wait for a better Mac to come out later (linux is a fine replacement for OS X if you really need it to be). I'm guessing there's some flaw with the Leopard install DVD.
  10. stryder

    MacOSX Server 1.2

    I have a boxed retail copy of OS X Server 1.2 (PowerPC). Are you interested in buying it?
  11. stryder

    OSX86 server 10.4.6?

    The real test would be to then install the Server Admin tools. If you can configure the server, then it works. Otherwise, it's useless. It may ask for a serial number, which is pointless as well. The only time this would be truly useful is if you have purchased Tiger Server 10.4 (like me, which is a PPC-only DVD), and you have now purchased a new Intel Mac. You could use your Tiger Server serial number, and the method noted above, to install an Intel-native version of Tiger Server. Otherwise, Apple forces you to purchase it again (they won't send you an updated Universal DVD even though you have paid for the software).
  12. Mine boots. Don't use Toast to burn it, use Disk Utility.
  13. Apple doesn't care if you run it (well, maybe just a little, but not all that much). Apple cares if you distribute it. Now, if that means getting a warrant, going to your ISP and getting logs to see if you downloaded the torrent (which means you also distributed it to others), then that's what that means. Otherwise, they are only concerned with the developer(s) who uploaded the torrent, and those that send copies to others.
  14. stryder

    Broke My Time Machine

    Apple did make Time Machine properly. I'm typing this using Mac OS XX 20.53 on my Apple-built Time Machine. It's really interesting to go back in time and see all these funny posts from the age when Apple first transitioned to x86. Just wait until you see what they transition to next! And... you think Windows Vista is going to ship soon? Think again! Buhahahha. Now I'm off to the internet race track to win my great-great-grandfather some millions...
  15. stryder

    Leopard Compatibility

    I have attempted to install it on my Dual 533 MHz G4, and it fails. It says it can't make my hard disk bootable. Very strange. I'm thinking Apple may have dropped support for my ATA bus on this model. Anyone with a 2001-generation Mac G4 able to get it to install from the original install disc (not an image from your hard drive)?