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Is my PC osx86 compatible?

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Hi, I am new to these forums. I already have a Mac, but I want to TRY and install osx86 on my desktop and laptop as well.


I want to try the desktop first to see how well it goes cause I don't want to mess up my brand new laptop. :)


Here r the specs for the desktop:


Pentium 4 SSE 2 I am sure.


Realtek AC'97 audio


1.5gb Ram


120 gb hard disk


Realtek RT8139 LAN card


XFX Geforce 6200 512mb AGP


DVD-RW and the usuall stuff.


Oh yeah I have a genius usb webcam and a bluetooth dongle as well. OS X shouldn't have problems with these right?


Now this is a weird question, but after installing OS X the hardware support for all other stuff like printers etc should be just like my own Mac right? :)


Thanks :)

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Hi, yeah well at least my mother board, lan card, vga card and stuff is supported. I am going to find out about my sound card, but I think I read whether its supported or not. Any idea if I can find a list for webcams on osx86? Thanks :D

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I have downloaded Kalyway 10.5.1. I used a torrent as usual so I am sure I got a correct download but I am unable to extract it from the zip file. I am using opensuse 10.3 on the machine I downloaded it on. The error I get is:


error: invalid compressed data to inflate


Any ideas?

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