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  1. I enjoy my misinformation, thank you.
  2. September 9th Apple Event

    1st Gen. Nanos FTW.
  3. Now Apple is No. 3 in U.S.

    I wasn't aware Mac == PC...
  4. I really hope this will be the end of Psystar. I haven't been able to stomach what they've been doing since the beginning.
  5. That's it.... I'm going mental!

    It would definitely be a problem if you were trying to install more than one kext for the same operation. Like with many other installs, only choose one file to install.
  6. That's it.... I'm going mental!

    Use Pacifist to install the update. With Pacifist, you have the option to de-select certain drivers. That being said, open the installer update with Pacifist, locate any video drivers, de-select them and install using Pacifist.
  7. Odd CPU and bus speeds.....

    Try installing either mac.nub's or netkas' AppleSMBIOS.kext.
  8. Snow pussy pwned ;)

    Sure would like to try 10.6...
  9. Snow pussy pwned ;)

    LOL! Awesome, simply awesome.
  10. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    I really want this for some reason. I am excited for its arrival. I guess I will have to pay someone in another country to send one to me... Maybe there will be a way to ghost the "software" onto a plain USB drive?
  11. WILL 10.5.3 work on SSE2?

    In order to run any OS X on SSE2, you need a modified kernel. If you install the vanilla update (10.5.3), your system will probably not boot as said update contains a new kernel (9.3.0). If you're desperate to install the update, install using Pacifist.
  12. Leopard USB Install

    Try this. Might be a good place to begin.
  13. If you're running PC EFI, you might try a GFX String. May not work for your system, but it might be worth a shot. More information here; instructions here.