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  1. lol, the problem is the little stuff doesn't work, thought it would be nice to have a hackintosh next to a macintosh maybe when snow leopard comes out?
  2. lip flapping? did I even say something to u? I wasn't the one fighting here either, I was discussing wasn't I?
  3. yes I know they r ranked at the same level but they could still have put linux before windows 2000
  4. thats a previous model of that laptop, this one has different hardware, stuff like touchpad scroll bars and stuff don't work.
  5. I have given up there is too much stuff not working and this laptop is useless with linux on it too
  6. This person apparently gave Windows Vista the second best rating here: http://www.computerworld.com/html/collater...introchart.html linux comes after windows 2000?
  7. So now I am probably going to sound like I am defending windows but I will try still RPC if its still running by default on Vista then fine thats a flaw assuming there is a threat. r they talking about windows xp internet explorer, I thought Vista had protected mode so nothing should access anything outside, won't this help, unless someone disables it and thats user stupidity. then they again talk about UAC I thought this is what protected memory is for, correct me if I am wrong though and vista has that doesn't it? again protective memory and data execution prevention is supposed to stop such attacks isn't it? This article here is a good read http://www.viruslist.com/en/analysis?pubid=204791916 It still makes a lot of assumptions that users will either disable UAC or allow without looking and thats user stupidity, plus may be u r forgetting that UAC isn't really bothersome unless u want to install an app, the only time it asks me for permission is while installing, removing and running anti virus and thats it. Now this article http://freewebsoftwarereviews.blogspot.com...an-windows.html 1. agreed that in linux 3rd party apps r updated as well, Microsoft should start a free software repo to 2. is UAC again 3. modular design, I thought modularity contributed to stability and not security so a user can remove something that makes them feel insecure, how can the default components make regular users feel insecure? only 3rd party apps r the ones that a person should fear. 4. Apparmor, agreed its better, does OS X have something like this? 5. open source, thats an advantage but really nothing too big of a deal cause what do u really expect from proprietary OS's and software. 6. diverse environment, I don't see how this is a good thing, this is the worse case for a developer, don't they realize by having a diverse environment even though writing viruses is difficult so is writing programs and drivers, isn't this the reason linux will never get commercial software and also the reason that flash crashes so much?
  8. these articles talk about root priveleges as well so isn't that UAC?
  9. lol yeah please do reply, I really do want to know
  10. other than user account control, why would it, the only other thing I can think of for linux is that it doesn't have a stable ABI layer thats constantly changing. correct me if I am wrong though
  11. Yeah but isn't that cause of the fact that there r still too many viruses out there that target windows?
  12. can anyone advise me on the remote control and whether or not I am doing fine so far? also just to make sure the only hardware I should have trouble with is memory card reader and the modem right?
  13. Exactly, just what I thought, vista is as secure as any other OS in my opinion and they finally got protective memory as well along with buffer overflow protection right? So windows shouldn't slow down to a point that requires a reboot. That will contribute to its stability. UAC is annoying no doubt, problem is that some programs still aren't properly designed for vista's UAC and thats Microsoft fault for example Avast on one of our machines though it loads perfectly still requires administrative access to start. Another thing they need to do is divide their control panel up for general user tasks and administrative tasks so once the password is asked they won't need to enter it again till the next time they start thee control panel. What do u think?
  14. what about the security issue on this topic? personally I think as long as UAC is enabled and the user blindly doesn't allow any unknown thing to run then I doubt anyone cause damage to the system.