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DP G5 or Hackintosh?

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I'd say that it's worth it.


I just got through selling my old DP 1.25 G4 MDD on eBay (along with some other random Apple stuff I no longer needed).


I ended up just about breaking even after buying the system in my sig. (I went over after Zalman-fying the insides)


You'd most likely end up better than I, since your comp is worth a lot more than mine was.



My comp is rock-solid so far. Everything works 100%.



You know you want some Intel quad-core goodness for that video editing/compression :whistle: I know I did.

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i assume his build cost no more than 800-900 dollars, depending on the configuration of his hard drives (are they 1tb and 2 200s, or a bunch of smaller) could make a big difference.. but i assume you wouldnt necessarily need 1.4tb hard drive... so if you spent 200 dollars on hard drives..


Let me just speculate:


Asus board: 120-150

q6600: 270

8600gt: about 100

Hardrives: 200

dvd: 30-40


Ram: up to 200(8gb)


Total: 750-850. This can of course vary drastically, depending on the various components.


My system cost about 1k.. it works 100 percent.. can have up to 6 satas drive and 4 pata drives fully working in leopard..(i use 4 sata drives). Everything working great.. no hitches..

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Quackit- approx how much did your system cost?

Just about spot-on mtotho.


Asus P5K-VM - $110

Q6600 - $270

8600GT - $108

250GB SATA - $68

20x DVD Burner SATA - $35

600W PSU - $35

4GB 800Mhz DDR2 - $112


So right at about $750 +/-$30 (add $105 for all Zalman insides. all fans and heatsinks.)


The case I'm currently using is an old one that I had lying around. I'm currently modding an old Sawtooth case to transplant the parts into.


I already had all the HDD space I currently needed (except the 250GB SATA drive that replaced the ones I sold in my old mac).



And yeah, they are supposed to release a non-Xeon quad-core 45nm processor soon from what I read in another thread. Processors are always falling rapidly in price though, imo. Nearly impossible to 'buy at the right time' if you ask me. Even if it's months later you'll still go, 'Aww shucks, if I'd waited a little bit longer I could have gotten it cheaper'. Just the way it goes.


[EDIT] meh.. didn't see where you put quad in your response. I guess it's out already then :censored2:

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