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Realtek ALC888 - No Audio


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i have the following problem: I have no audio. I used the ALC888 pkg from the sticky Audio Thread in the Tutorials section. It says installation succesfull. Then he reboots my pc but without any effects. What should i do now ?


My audio card:


Realtek High Definition Audio





Thanks for help!

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I have success with the driver, but it does not show up in the systeminfo.

Go to Audio/MIDI setup and create a combined device (cmd-shift-A).

Add all channels to the device

Choose config-speakers in the open window

Choose multichannel

Choose 7.1

Set all channels to 96khz / 20bit

You must check wether the channels match the plugs on the back of your machine. You can alter them as you like. I feel the standard layout matches the rear-panel, but I did not check it thoroughly.


First I ran this one:


I chose both 6 channel options

Than I ran this one:

Alc888.pkg (but I have no idea where I found it).

So I don't know if both are nessecary, but the stuff did not work with just step 1.

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Different computers have different layout even the CodeID is same so try different drivers if you cant compile your own. You'll finally get what you need. Good luck. BTW, I have driver for ALC888s. Search the forum if you need it.

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