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  1. Intel High Definition Audio

    i have nothing on my deskyop with the same audio chpset
  2. i think so but i couldn't do that with my old 5.1 sistem (driver problems?)
  3. Realtek ALC 888

    come on!
  4. Realtek ALC 888

    Okay i have a intel desktop board d945gcnl, 1 GB of ram, a sata dvd burner and a 300 GB HD. also i am running leopard Heres my problem every thing works other than the Intel HD Audio. I have tryed HDA patcher, and auzilia but it still does not work. If you need more information please ask PLZ help Dirt, Core2Idiot
  5. Realtek ALC888 - No Audio

    I have the same problem
  6. P5k-VM problems

    I went and got a new board its a intel
  7. P5k-VM problems

    What about a different board beacause i CAN'T USE TORRENTS!!
  8. P5k-VM problems

    if this board is too hard i can get a new a board
  9. P5k-VM problems

    But i have ToH it does not have any drivers
  10. P5k-VM problems

    i took a look there and no one had the same problem any way i just installed vista even though i would like
  11. P5k-VM problems

    this is pathetic come on
  12. Still waiting for root device

    I had that problem when i had IDE dvd drive I fixed it with a sata dvd drive
  13. P5k-VM problems

    Hello I'm new here and i am trying to install leopard on my new machine. My curent configuration is: Asus P5K -VM , 1 GB of ram, a 300 GB sata Western digital Hard drive, a sony sata DVD Burner, and a Nvidia geforce 8400 GS. Okay this the story: at first i had a IDE DVD drive and it did not work, then i got some money and bought a sata dvd burner because thats what i saw was needed, then i tryed installing and then it installed just fine, but then it would not boot. every time i tryed to start up i got a kernal panick. then i reinstalled and same and now i do not get any thing no boot from DVD or From HDD Please help!