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  1. Well I just purchased a Quad Core Q9550 processor for my GA-EP35-DS3L and love it. Could I still install and run OSX using a Core2Quad processor? Anyone know of a guide for doing it with the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L mobo?
  2. I am looking to make my EP35-DS3L into a Hackintosh over the next few days and trying to read all these different threads about the EP35-DS3L to find out which destro and things are best.
  3. 10.6 on GA-EP35-DS3L W/O Leopard

    I have a EP35-DS3L and am looking at making it a Hackintosh in the next few days. What distribution should I go ahead and start downloading? Which is best for the EP35-DS3L?
  4. good post alot of useful information.. I almost want to try to get osx working on my laptop again.
  5. hp Pavilion dv6000 series AMD

    so still no real fix for the keyboard/trackpad issue I take it?
  6. worked great for me. Thanks for posting
  7. How can Apple make gaming better?

    So mainly what I am reading here is 99% of Mac's gaming problems is because DirectX is a M$ only product, and 99% of your games out there use this. Correct?
  8. Security Update 2009-001

    Installed updates great on my Gigabyte mobo machine. No problems here iAtkos v5.i updated to 10.5.6
  9. awesome question, I want to do such a thing myself. (Although not from broken osx to mini) but I was looking at purchasing an external enclosure but am reluctant to do so for a 1 time thing.
  10. Audio Probelms ALC888

    Realtek ALC888 here also on a GA-EP35-DS3L mobo.. Everything working great except NO audio. Any updates on this>
  11. ALC88x 10.4.8 Kext

    I just got a good install going last night on my GA-EP35-DS3L. Everything works EXCEPT audio. I have the Realtek ALC888. Any updates on which drivers I should use to get working audio?
  12. Realtek ALC888 - No Audio

    I have the Realtek ALC888 and it doesn't work either.
  13. I just installed OSX last night. Had full Vista partition.. Created a 20gig for OSX. Booting in and everything just fine.. Now when I try to get back to Vista, it won't boot up. Do I need to follow the steps the OP posted in order to get back into Vista? Then use the EasyBCD to see both? Or should I use like bootloader or something in my OSX?
  14. so for the GA-P35-DS3L you guys are using retail DVD install correct? Where can I find the retail untarnished version? Or do I check the little demon out?
  15. Evening all, After trying time and time again to get osx to run well on my amd laptop, I have finally given up.. BUT.. only on my laptop. So I have decided to give it a go on my Intel based PC. My question is which distrobution do you guys suggest would be the best for me with my current specs? Is my boot time going to be FOREVER once I install it? Will I be able to have all the pretty graphics bells and whistles since I am running a Nvidia 8800GT? Thanks for your suggestions and time. CPU-Z info