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  1. Nice stretching of a MacBook If they really shrink the Mini any further, the DVD-drive will be skipped. The slot in my Mini is almost never used, only for system installs, which could be fixed with Leopard on a USB drive.
  2. This worked for me: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=102148&hl=
  3. 10.4.8 replace a 7600GT with a 7600GS

    When I started reading about modifying the cards ROM, I got little nervous about possible success. I did this procedure: http://nvinject.free.fr/512Mb.html Instead of using a pre-made ROM, I used this tutorial. The results are excelent. I rebooted the system, and the previouws Titan install from JAS 10.4.8. detected this 7600GS without any problems. QE, CI are functioning, all resolutions are supported and the 512mb is detected as well.
  4. 10.4.8 replace a 7600GT with a 7600GS

    I have a perfect running system based on JAS 10.4.8. I run it with a Geforce 7600GT now. Since it makes too much noise, I bought a 7600GS silent/passive. The silent is a 512Mb card where the GT was a 256Mb card. What steps do I follow to upgrade this? With a new install you can choose new NVinject settings or something like that, but now I just want to switch cards. And it would be nice to have all the 512 Mb VRAM available (I only saw a VRAM amount selector in the new Leo4All distro's). Does anybody know how to tackle this or have tips to make this transition a smooth one?
  5. OSXArm anytime soon?

    These days European press discusses bad reception of iPhones in Europe. Two reasons: bad bundle/unlocked pricing compared to other deals and no implementation of 3G and GPS. User friendlyness is hailed as one last reason to still go for the iPhone. But when I look at OSX86 and I look at specs of a Nokia N95, a Chumby, a GP2X, a TomTom Go, I only see 3,5 inch LCD screens and ARM processors! Therefore I see OSXArm on the horizon as mobile alternative to OSX86. What do you think?
  6. SG31G2 + OSX86

    It sure does! I have my RAM at 800mhz and I use a E8400 Core2Duo at 3Ghz with 1333mhz fsb. @thespottedelf, you are probably confused with the SD30G2. It even supports the QX9650 quad! http://eu.shuttle.com/en/DesktopDefault.as...170_read-14399/ Supported processors: http://global.shuttle.com/support_list03.jsp?PI=646
  7. Shuttle?

    Sounds like there is something wrong in your setup. My Shuttle boots in 10 seconds. Firewire works great too. What do you see in the system-info?
  8. SG31G2 + OSX86

    Seems you want speedy graphics? If so, put in a E8400 instead of a Q6600 It runs 1333mhz bus instead of 1066, 800mhz ram instead of 667mhz and 3Ghz/core instead of 2.4ghz. The combination is much speedier in games/3d modelling (not rendering). Search for q6600 vs e8400 topics on the net.
  9. Realtek ALC888 - No Audio

    I have success with the driver, but it does not show up in the systeminfo. Go to Audio/MIDI setup and create a combined device (cmd-shift-A). Add all channels to the device Choose config-speakers in the open window Choose multichannel Choose 7.1 Set all channels to 96khz / 20bit You must check wether the channels match the plugs on the back of your machine. You can alter them as you like. I feel the standard layout matches the rear-panel, but I did not check it thoroughly. First I ran this one: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...ost&id=6739 I chose both 6 channel options Than I ran this one: Alc888.pkg (but I have no idea where I found it). So I don't know if both are nessecary, but the stuff did not work with just step 1.
  10. ALC888 on GA-P35-DS3L

    Which one exactly (I have a G31 chipset mobo) These files are available: alc888_ich7_codecdump.txt alc888-2.txt ALC888-a.txt ALC888-b.txt ALC888-D.txt alc888.txt
  11. Processor : Core2Duo E8400 MHz : 3000 Number of CPUs : 2 Operating System : 10.4.8JAS Graphics Card : 7600GT Resolution : 1400x1050 Color Depth : 24bit **************************************************** Cinebench 9.5 Rendering (Single CPU): 547 CB-CPU Rendering (Multiple CPU): 1011 CB-CPU Multiprocessor Speedup: 1.85 Shading (CINEMA 4D) : 647 CB-GFX Shading (OpenGL Software Lighting) : 2601 CB-GFX Shading (OpenGL Hardware Lighting) : 5848 CB-GFX OpenGL Speedup: 9.04 **************************************************** Cinebench R10 Rendering (Single CPU): 3429 CB-CPU Rendering (Multiple CPU): 6508 CB-CPU Multiprocessor Speedup: 1.90 Shading (OpenGL Standard) : 5299 CB-GFX
  12. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    Shuttle SG31G2B Barebone Core2Duo E8400 2x3Ghz, 1,33 Ghz FSB 2 x 2 Gb PC6400 CL5 DDR2 @ 800mhz WD RE2 500Gb SATAII Geforce 7600GT 256Mb 560/1400mhz System 182 (265 w/o disk) CPU 175 Thread 472 Mem 211 Quartz 237 OpenGL 224 UI 581 Disk 65 Using 77 watt while running
  13. Just installed JAS 10.4.8 on my Shuttle SG31G2B. After choosing auto-setup in the BIOS, the install worked perfectly and recognised the E8400 as 2x3Ghz with correct ram and FSB speeds. The internal video-card does not work (not even for BIOS viewing) but the Geforce 7600GT works directly, also for BIOS setting. I did not alter any settings manual, as the BIOS screens in several instruction-blog-posts are that different from what I see, so I did not try to modify anything. The Yukon-edit for network was easy and worked also. Now I am left with 2 problems: - The audio does not work (realtek 888). Is there any option to get this working? This is not a big problem, as I mostly use a FW external audio device, but it would be nice to have mic-input for skype/ichat. - The system does not wake from sleep right. The hard disk starts spinning and seems to awake ok, but the screen stays black. I choose the NV40 option for the videocard. Any ideas how to solve that? Config: Shuttle SG31G2B with Intel G31 chipset Core2Duo E8400 2x3Ghz WD RE2 SATA HD Pioneer DVR-106 XFX Geforce 7600GT Last question: I do not mind not to update to 10.4.11, on my G4 this version sucks big time (sluggish) so I do not mind keeping 10.4.8 on this machine, but what happens if you choose update from the apple-menu? Updating is very much hocus-pocus compared to an iso-install like JAS. By the way, I also tried Kaliway 10.5.1, but that one wasnot working and defenitely more complex than the JAS 10.4.8. But I like the XP like cleaniness of 10.4 anyway above Vista-kitsch-like 10.5, so I am perfectly happy that 10.4.8 works
  14. Hackintosh and Second Life...

    Here the terminal command worked perfect as well. Thanks!
  15. I just tried my new set based on the following components: Shuttle PC Barebone SG31G2B Intel Core2Duo E8400 2x 3Ghz 2x2Gb Kingston Valueram PC6400CL5 XFX Geforce 7600GT 256Mb Panasonic DVD-R106 WD RE2 SATA 500Gb First time I started I got no video. I used the onboard VGA port. This does not work. I moved my monitor to the DVI-1 port on the Geforce and I got image. In the Bios I chose "Load Optimize Defaults" and all processorfrequencies were set right to match the E8400 Setup of 10.4.8 worked including the NV40 extension for full 7600GT support. Perfect. The system shows a 3ghz CPU with 2 cores, bus speed is 1333 mhz, Memory speed is 800 mhz. All perfect. I followed the Yukon extensions modification as described above, and that worked perfectly. Three problems though: My monitor does not wake from sleep. I have no sound support The fans run maximum speed all the time. Does anybody have idea's to fix that?