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ipod to car stereo connection

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can anyone inform me on an easy way to directly connect my ipod to my car stereo without a fm transmitter? i found a few connecters on ebay but i do not know if they are what i need..


my stereo is a Pioneer DEH-P3700mp


any help or information will be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!

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Enoree is right


I've recently bought a Kenwood radio + CD. I've got an AUX connection on the front, and i connected my iPod through the Kenwood 5L bus. You can control your iPod through your radio, so you can just keep the iPod in the dash.


BTW, kenwood has got some new models, not bad looking at all.. Bought mine for 140E.

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can anyone inform me on an easy way to directly connect my ipod to my car stereo without a fm transmitter?
I recommend you get a receiver that supports the iPod with a direct connection from the rear of the unit (cable run into the glove box). I just installed a Sony Xplod 430IP in my girlfriend's car and it is terrific. I've suffered through the horrible sound of FM transmitters for years now. Can't wait to install one of these receivers in my own vehicle.


The reason the front USB connections suck is that you've got to remember to disconnect your iPod everytime you park and either hide it or take it with you along with the stereo faceplate. With the glovebox setup, you just leave your iPod in the glovebox and take the stereo faceplate with you.


If you order from Crutchfields, you get an install kit complete with wiring harness for free with each car stereo. When you buy at Fry's, you've got to hunt these items down yourself and will likely pay in excess of $20 for the harness & dash kit. This sales code (pq0cd-7tjav-322ii) will give you a discount of $20 off any order over $200. My girlfriend's Xplod just cost $129, so the discount didn't help me out. Emotional Friend

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My Alpine car deck has a connection for my Ipod. All i have to do is buy the connection for it now. I never thought i'd put it to use but now i'm so glad that i have this feature on my car deck.

I was thinking bout buying an FM Transmitter but seeing an opinion above i guess the quality isn't so good eh?

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I also have an Alpine head unit. Great iPod support... until the current generations.


Since Apple has changed the pin configuration on the dock connector, the iPod is unable to charge (head unit's cable uses the firewire pins to charge, and 2nd gen iPod Touch and iPhones only use the USB pins). Additionally, browsing the collection, playing only specific albums, et cetera does not work. Instead, it lumps all the songs into one continuous playback.


Fine with me, however. I usually throw it on shuffle and go nuts.


It would be nice if it charged, though...


So make sure, if you have a new iPod model, that you get a head unit that'll fully support them.



(To hell with FM transmitters, so not worth the effort.)

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