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  1. Basically the title says it all. I have a C2D 2.0GHz iMac, I just removed the 250GB hard drive that came in the system and put in a 1TB drive. The screen turns on fine, and shows a blinking folder (after about 12 seconds), with a question mark in it. Clearly the hard drive has no data on it, so I need to install Mac OS X on it. I've tried my Leopard Upgrade retail disk, and it doesn't boot off it, nor does it boot off the original dvd's that came with it. I've tried booting while holding down "C" any ideas? Thanks
  2. I posted an auction on eBay but the buyer decided he didn't want it. Here is a copy of the auction... I will ONLY ship within the USA and will only use PayPal as the method of payment. There are 12 photos in a zipped file attached to this post. Thanks for looking! Any comments or suggestions to get this sold? Pictures_of_MBP_15.zip
  3. So, with 10.5.7 my truemobile 1395 disappeared from the OS (yes, I know no one else with a 1340 has one... yet). It shows it in the menu next to the clock, but it says its off. Whenever i try to turn it on.... it remains off... I figured if I switched PCI express slots it would work.... so I decided to swap it with the Bluetooth card. It appears as if my bluetooth card has a stripped screw holding it in. Anyone have any ideas how to get working? Thanks!
  4. Audio in 10.5.7 works. However, I have to reboot 2-3 times to get it (In 10.5.6 for the short time I had it... I didn't have to)
  5. I have found the reason why my computer won't sleep without instantly waking up. Go to the bios and disable wake on USB events. and bam. it works. Now I have to figure out how to get the mouse to work after sleep. (Voodoo's Ps2 installer (with touchpad option) doesn't work.
  6. I reinstalled with no options. Installed "disabler.kext", then updated to 10.5.7. From there, I used OS X86 tools, put in the plist from the first post... and installed IOPCIFamily & AppleHDA with OSx86 tools. Then I installed VooDoo PS2 (with trackpad)... and removed the original PS2 kext. Since then: QI/CE - Works Sleep - is dead, it instantly wakes up... and the mouse is dead. Shut down/reboot is dead - keyboard stays lit... Sound doesnt work, it shows up... but doesnt play Any help?
  7. Cool, where can I get that PS2Controller kext? Also, How did you get your sleep working? Did it just work off the back? When I install next, I shouldn't do any optional things?
  8. Can someone please help me get sleep working. My computer hasn't had an OS on it for a couple of days... because I'd really like sleep to work (everyone says it needs a fresh install). How can I get sleep working? I have XxX's 10.5.6 DVD, and I install it selecting only the NVidia Chipset, PC EFI, and Chameleon. Also - Now that the 10.5.7 update came out, does the EFI Plist still work? (if I recall EFI plist's use to die when you would update) Thanks!!
  9. Reinstalled, and did this. Sleep still remains to have the system instantly turn on after being put to sleep. Also, my mouse still died after sleep. The only difference I did was I thought "AppleACPIPS2nub.txt" was "AppleACPIPS2nub.kext" EDIT: After another reinstall after doing nothing.. (but 1 reboot), sleep does NOT work. It just freezes for a few seconds at the desktop when I hit sleep. Also, does anyone have any info on bluetooth?
  10. So now it sleeps but then instantly wakes up with a dead mouse Can you refer me to which kext to use? ApplePS2Controller? Ugh, now this is happening to me... After doing what was mentioned on the first post and nothing else.
  11. When I hit the power button all the lights go on, but it goes to a black screen....
  12. Can anyone help me with my sleep? I've done everything listed in the first post of this thread. Currently, when I shut my lid, the keyboard LED's and screen turn off... when i open the lid, the screen and keyboard lights INSTANTLY turn on (the computer meanwhile remains on the whole time). When I hit "sleep", the computer will completely go to sleep. When its time to resume, it will reach a black screen. I can shut the screen and it will go back to sleep. Opening the lid will have it "power on" to a black screen (not hitting POST..) Thanks!
  13. So... I got my 1340 today, and I have to say... I thought the m1330 was a rip off of the macbook pro... this one is even more of a copy (minus the aluminum). The glass over the screen I think is 1000x better than the plastic. Anyways onto 1340 with osx. I've gotten everything to work in OS X that you guys have, except for my ethernet and wifi. Because we can't use the 1515 yet, I put in a 1395 in the WWAN slot. I made sure it was enabled in the bios... yet its still not being found by os x (windows found it though). Also, when i first installed os x the builtin ethernet worked perfect. Now, everytime I reboot it detects a new ethernet, with the same Mac ID... thus making Ethernet 1-Ethernet 20. Since it started making new ethernets, I haven't been able to get online. It just says "self obtained ip address" for the latest ethernet (ie 20)... and the rest remain not connected. Truemobile 1395 support can be found here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=51725 p.s. did anyone else's touchpads come "sticky", is yours still sticky? Any help would be great. Thanks!
  14. So... I get my 1340 tomorrow.... Does anyone have an update on the built-in microphone, sleep, battery meter, sleep, and Truemobile 1515 wifi card? Thanks!
  15. jake123

    Dell 1395 Problems after Airport Update.

    Mine is also dead. I've reinstalled some broadcom wifi networking package, but it doesn't appear to work. I'm going to try to swap it with another Dell Truemobile wifi card. Let me know if you find a solution!