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  1. Chienly09

    Please take a look

    hi everyone heres my 3DM06 for score w/xp pro 32- 12921 vista ultimate 64- 11939 is there any tweaks i can do for vista to get my score back up? im new to vista pleeeease help. everythings updated motherboard, graphics, bios.
  2. Chienly09

    ipod to car stereo connection

    Just purchased a Sony CDX with iPod kit for my car. Everything seems to work fine, but struggling to access my albums.....any ideas??
  3. Chienly09

    install leopard

    The Leopard installer has probably corrupted your installed OS, by deleting or overwriting new files. So you need to install either Leopard again, or your old OS version. Is the Leopard disk a retail copy? These are black disks and will work on any Mac. Grey disks come in the box with the computer, and only work with those particular Macs.
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  5. Chienly09

    BT Voyager 1055

    lower density flash drives perform better. For example, a 2GB Voyager GT will crush an 8 or 16GB Voyager any day. Part of this is due to the more stringently binned flash used in the GT series, and part of it is just due to the performance decreases across higher densities.
  6. Chienly09

    Natit for Nvidia with dual display

    I think in order to use a Nvidia card for Physx, you need to install the graphics Forceware drivers too. So in short, you cant mix them unfortunately. I too also want to do this because I have a spare 640MB 8800GTS lying around.
  7. Chienly09

    Public Broadcasters-Overrated? Underrated?

    For underrated: Belisarius and Wolfe For overrated: Stonewall Jackson and Monty What do you guys think?