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  1. ipod to car stereo connection

    ^ Really, i didn't know that. That sucks, i don't want to have to buy a seperate charger for the car really. I might just deal with the FM Transmitter i guess.
  2. What is the iPod Touch capable of (graphics wise)

    you plan on playing wow on the touch? That would be kinda cool
  3. ipod to car stereo connection

    My Alpine car deck has a connection for my Ipod. All i have to do is buy the connection for it now. I never thought i'd put it to use but now i'm so glad that i have this feature on my car deck. I was thinking bout buying an FM Transmitter but seeing an opinion above i guess the quality isn't so good eh?
  4. PCI professional soundcards

    PCI puts out faster bandwidth than Firewire. Firewire is good for people fearful of going into there computers and are good for hot plugging. It's very easy to unplug and plug into your computer. But other than that PCI is faster. Then also, it comes down to good drivers built for your pci sound card or firewire card. Audio production companies should take special care of this area for optimization. So in actuallity, Firewire professional soundcards PCI is the way to go. I put stats at the bottom of post. Also, this all depends on your needs. If you make music just as an hobby np for a PCI pro card , Firewire, and Maybe even USB. Even if you take it serious, it still depends on your needs, processor demands. I'm thinking about getting this... RME HDSPE PCI "The main features of the RME HDSPe PCI include: * PCI Express interface * For the connection of Multiface, Multiface II, Digiface and RPM Hammerfall DSP I/O-boxes * Short PCI Express card * Even lower latencies * Direct support of HDSP TCO - Timecode Option Module * 1-Lane PCI Express Endpoint Device * 250 MB/s transfer rate per direction * Secure BIOS Technology: card stays fully functional even when the flash process fails * Output: IEEE 1394 connector, RME bus protocol * Package contents: PCI card, cable 4.5 meter (15 ft) IEEE 1394a * Supplied with drivers for Windows XP (multi-client operation of MME, GSIF and ASIO 2.0) and brand new Windows Vista drivers. Apple - Power PC and X86 (Intel) drivers, Core Audio and Core MIDI support" The 250MB/s = 1 direction. Since PCI-E works in both directions , it equals 500MB/s. http://www.directron.com/expressguide.html
  5. What`s yours favorite VST ?

    Yeah my new fave synths are Rob Papens Blue and Predator.
  6. Some of yous are letting Apple Pwn j00z, lol. No need to get upset, or worry wow. My thought on this is the fight for this thing is always a see saw battle. Company tries to come out with a solution, then it gets cracked/bypassed usually. IMO OSX86scene figured out how to make osx86 run on pc hardware, same will happen with WGA.
  7. How to emulate OS 7.2 on PC

    Think Mark, maybe we have an older computer and would like to stay with Apple brand :-)
  8. iATKOS v1.0i Released

    You's are still complaining? Oh hush up and be patient or patch the thing yourselves.
  9. Audio Editing

    I'm guessing you mean not popular for doing specifically Audio editing only in the app. Otherwise Nuendo is popular for Video Production and Music Production on wich i prefer over cubase on Windows to use. Other popular Audio editing software is Wavelabs, Soundforge, Adobe Audition, Audacity and for Mac i haven't used much yet but Soundtrack pro along with Audacity again.
  10. Logic only shows meter for 1 core?

    How did you get a bug that shows only 1 core instead of 2 when you only have 1 to begin with? Unless that was a joke or i'm missing something?
  11. What's up Tommazi. I remember you from Audionews. <-- MelodicMinor
  12. 10.4.11 on AMD

    ^ Running in single use mode still gave the same error. Also now system profiler is now crashing, i'll search for a fix on that. Then ima have a look to see if it's possible to update to 10.4.11 kernel. I seen something on irc.osx86.hu for channel 10.4.11 Your guide is good, although it was alittle confusion with the way somethings was instructed, for example... "09) Open up the Terminal and type "cd " then drag the folder from the desktop to the terminal window so it inserts it's path" for me it would have been easier to just cd in terminal to the directory of the extracted intel patched/decrypted update. Not meaning to pick at your instructions, but with important update instructions for some it's good to "Hold there hand and walk through it". I figured it out since i have a good understanding of the update and patch procedures in the scene. Thanks for the instructions.
  13. I have a problem where i can't even install Parallels, says i don't have the Sys requirements, but i do.
  14. Build Osx86 To Run Logic 8

    No, but are you the kind of f**kwit that just makes assumptions?
  15. Logic Pro 8 (Logic Studio) and Logic 8 Express is out!

    The actual Logic Studio is only 1 dvd wich is 7 something gigs( Includes Logic 8, Waveburner, Mainstage, Soundtrack Pro, and some other apps ), the other dvds that come with it is Apple content ( loops, software instruments, presets ), Jam Pack content ( more loops , software instruments , presets ) , and Demo and video tutorials. So you only need the first dvd, then if needed you can download the extra content over time. There's also a small 200 something mb file for just the standalone logic 8.mpkg