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Asus P5K-E and P5K Premium users


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Thanks for the replies folks.


To narrow the situation a little:

* I will be disabling the wifi, as I use gigabit LAN.

* I will not be using any IDE ports, as all my drives (including DVD) are SATA.

* I want to use the optical digital output to feed into my amplifier.


I'm pretty sure the SATA and audio will not be a problem because I have read that people have them working.


So my main concerns are

* the onboard LAN ports, do they work for people? (I only seem to read about people using the wifi)

* the onboard firewire, is this board's firewire chipset supported?


And finally sleep/wake. This is my biggest concern. I have a board now (P35-DQ6) that is perfect in every

way APART from sleep and shutdown.


wlfdgcrkz, your post worried me a little. Is it that difficult to get Kalyway running on this board?

I am running Kalyway now and I was hoping to just swap the boards and change a few kexts.


Any other people out there with these boards?





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