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  1. Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet

    Sounds promising OutZider. I am really tempted by this machine. I have found the Atheros card on Ebay. Can I ask a couple of questions? What optical drive did you use to install with? How is the power management when running Leopard? I see you mention that sleep works but does it run at full power with fans blasting all the time? i.e. How is the battery life? Do the PC Card drivers still kill the sleep? How usable and stable generally do you find the X61 under Leopard? Thanks, gambcl. BTW, I'm curious how do you guys come up with the mods for supporting new hw in OS X? I guess you're using the Darwin kernel source and add new kexts? I'm a developer myself but haven't done much at the hw level, would love to help out if I decide to get one.
  2. Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet

    Hi, OutZider, just wondered if you had got any further with getting the touchscreen to work on the X61? I would love a tablet mac and the X61 looks like a nice piece of kit. Thanks, gambcl
  3. Hi folks, I am searching at the moment trying to find a tablet PC which will make a good hackintosh, but none have stood out so far. Does anyone know of any tablets/slates that work under 10.5? I mean with the touchscreen and sleep working as well :-) I like the look of the Lenovo X61 and the Fujitsu P1620 but haven't read any complete success stories yet. Thanks, gambcl
  4. Asus P5K-E and P5K Premium users

    Hi walterav, That is really ironic. I used to have an Nvidia 8600GT and before I installed leopard I had read all over that it wasn't supported, so I sold it and got a ... you guessed it ... Radeon HD 2600XT. How did you get your 8600GT running? Is it just a kext from somewhere? I haven't kept up with all the Nvidia progress since I got my Radeon. Does the 8600GT work well for you? Does it support all the resolutions? I want to run in 1920x1080p. I might switch back to a 8600GT if it is supported now and reduces sleep problems. Rassha, what graphics card are you using? Anyone using the digital sound outputs on these boards? Thanks, gambcl
  5. Asus P5K-E and P5K Premium users

    cadeucsb, this sounds promising. Are you using the LAN port? (Your model has no wifi right?) Are you using the digital sound output or the analogue ports? And can you confirm sleep/wake/shutdown are working reliably for you? If so, then I might go for this board, as I don't need the wifi or 2nd LAN ports of the other models. Thanks for the info, gambcl
  6. Asus P5K-E and P5K Premium users

    Thanks for the replies folks. To narrow the situation a little: * I will be disabling the wifi, as I use gigabit LAN. * I will not be using any IDE ports, as all my drives (including DVD) are SATA. * I want to use the optical digital output to feed into my amplifier. I'm pretty sure the SATA and audio will not be a problem because I have read that people have them working. So my main concerns are * the onboard LAN ports, do they work for people? (I only seem to read about people using the wifi) * the onboard firewire, is this board's firewire chipset supported? And finally sleep/wake. This is my biggest concern. I have a board now (P35-DQ6) that is perfect in every way APART from sleep and shutdown. wlfdgcrkz, your post worried me a little. Is it that difficult to get Kalyway running on this board? I am running Kalyway now and I was hoping to just swap the boards and change a few kexts. Any other people out there with these boards? Thanks, gambcl
  7. I am thinking of trying one of these boards (don't mind which) but I first would like to know if people using these boards are having all the sleep/wake/shutdown problems that so many other boards have. So, if you have one of the P5K-E or Premium boards, does your system sleep & wake reliably? Does it shutdown properly? Any other problems to look out for with these boards? Do the LAN ports work? If the board is sleeping/waking well for you, could you post your board revision and ROM version please? Thanks, gambcl (sleepless with a P35-DQ6)
  8. Do you know what revision of motherboard you are using? I saw a thread that warned people that later revisions of the P5K boards did not allow AHCI to be enabled in the BIOS. I have tweaked every setting I can find in my BIOS and nothing fixed my sleep/wake problems.
  9. If so, can you post what motherboard and graphics card you are using. I will be changing my case soon, and might use that as a chance to swap in a different board. So far on my Gigabyte P35-DQ6 with Radeon HD2600XT everything works except sleep/wake. Thanks, gambcl
  10. I have a Logitech Dinovo Edge keyboard and the Logitech bluetooth dongle that came with it did NOT work :-( So I bought this http://www.scan.co.uk/products/productinfo...roductID=326072 plugged it in and it worked out of the box. Now using my Dinovo Edge with no problems :-) HTH gambcl
  11. Leopard on P5E-WS Pro

    I don't think you'll have to re-install Vista. Try this: http://www.itwriting.com/blog/?p=288 You'll need to change the BIOS back to normal mode, boot into Vista and make the registry change, then reboot and go back into BIOS and re-enable AHCI. Hopefully Vista will now start. I did exactly this on my board, but that was for 32-bit Vista, hopefully it also works for 64-bit. Good luck, gambcl
  12. Hi folks, I would like to start a thread specifically about sleep/wake/shutdown/restart issues. I think there are a lot of people out there who basically have their system working except for sleep/wake/shutdown/restart problems. There are probably also some people who have had these problems and somehow fixed them to make their system sleep/shutdown properly. If these people could list their motherboard and what actions they took to fix the problem it would help a lot of other people out who are suffering from the same issues. To start the ball rolling I will list my system and the issues it has: Gigabyte P35-DQ6 (everything working, used "889a" kext for sound) Intel E6550 2.33 C2Duo (working) 2GB RAM (working) Radeon 3870 (CI/QE working using the netkas pkg) Samsung SpinPoint SATA drives (working, partitioned as GUID) Asus DVD-RW I have installed the kalyway DVD using: * vanilla kernel * ACPI fix * EFI-GUID I am having the following issues: Restart: Working. Shutdown: NOT WORKING - Case power light and fans stay on, screen goes blank. Sleep: Looks like it works (lights go off, machine goes quiet, screen goes blank). Wake: NOT WORKING - Case power light and fans come on, screen stays blank, system unresponsive. If I find any solutions to these problems I will update this entry. Meanwhile please add your own experiences so that we can hopefully get these problems sorted. So far I have tried: * Unplugging USB keyboard & mouse - no effect. * Disabling EIST in BIOS - no effect. * Disabling 2nd SATA controller - no effect. Thanks, gambcl