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Instant Kernel Panic & WINDOZE won't log me on


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Good afternoon everyone


I've had so many issues over the last 48 hours it's rediculous


First off I installed it, with guid as my bootloader, except that didn't work because it's not guid partitioned..i needed the MBR bootloader


I booted into windows using my supergrub CD


So i put the kaly dvd back in...started again selected mbr for my bootloader


I now turn it on YAY I HAVE MY BOOTLOADER!!!!! and i can't log into windows...I'm guessing that i've damaged the partition and corrupt something somewhere. Which is...ummm annoying


and when i boot up i get a kernel panic for no apparent reason....


So i'm going to reinstall leopard without the vanilla kernel.


Any suggestions on why and how to get windows back up and running?

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Get a Macintosh! :)


Just go reinstall Windows or Linux and erase your entire HDD.


I have 3 Colonel...unfortunately i had to have a toshiba for a works laptop ;) and i miss the goodness of os x in my living room on a fast machine.)

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Rightyho chaps


here we go!


Windows boots up but won't login


Leopard Kernel panics for no discernable reason


Windows setup cannot find any HD's on the machine


This leads me to believe that the partition table is borked.


Got spinrite on the go at the moment, and then opensuse to rip the data off the computer onto my external usb


However i can't do anything with regards to adminstrator as out IT support company here at work is to put it politely a complete bag o {censored}. Don't give out passwords, lock everything down in a useless way (we have trend server client virus software..that never picks anything up and doesn't have spyware prevention)

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okay. the windows cd when started in repair mode will NOT detect windows as installed while leopard is the active partition (duh). in order to use the repair tools you must use diskpart (on the cd, use the comand prompt) to mark your vista disk as active. once done wiht that dont forget to mark the leopard partition as active in diskpart also. as long as that leopard partition is active (which it has to be if you want to use it) windows WILL boot, but the setup cd won't recognize the disk in repair mode until you run diskpart. as for leopard not working, spam f8 when you start your computer and type in -v at the darwin prompt and hit enter. tell me what error you get.

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Hello Tim


There was no error even with verbose mode it would say no mac os set:


then kernel panic and tell me to restart my computer, and i think the active partition thing is completely irrelevent in this case...it wasn't automatic recovery that was telling me that it was the ACTUAL windows setup i couldn't do ASR because i don't have a floppy drive (WHO DOES have a floppy these days, i haven't used one since the days of my performa 5200)


and said Cannot find any hard drives attached to this computer


Suse couldn't find anything either (neither the hfs partition or ntfs [altho it couldn't read ntfs anyway from my external drive])


Neither could Acronis


Spinrite did see both partitions


I am currently copying off all the data from the Toshibas HD (which i've now got in a caddy) onto the G5 and then i would appreciate the knowledge


If i THEN format the drive here in PROPER Os X.4 can i just plonk the data back on (just the windows side of thing) and have it boot up as normal? Or would i need to set MBR's again


I think on the whole it too risky to try this again on a works lappy

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The problem your having is the primary boot partition is not set to windows, therefore any windows disc will not be able to find your drive, this is the usual case if you install leopard


therefore you need to set the windows partition as active again exactly what Timster said, once that is done you window should boot up, and you may get a login prompt, try to log in, if it doesnt then continue your solution, and about your company not giving you passwords, thats why i suggested you download a windows password reset disk, you can google it, its a linux program that lets you boot and reset your local admin/user password so you can login again, but it will only work if you have your windows partitoin set as active

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