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  1. Computer Locks up after Idle

    use the system log. its in the console app applications/utilities/console.app
  2. Is an MSI P6N SLI Plat MoBo a No Go?

    uset the search function man, there's a tutorial about this board and leo
  3. Computer Locks up after Idle

    do you have sleep enabled, im not very familiar with AMD setups, but it's possible that sleep just isnt supported on your setup. try disabling it and then see if the system still crashes. hope this helps
  4. worked for me with appleacpipowersource.kext mod to 1.1.0 with vanilla acpiplatform kext and vanilla kernel. thanks!
  5. Cannnot boot without cd

    it isn't from my experience. i've had spaces in the volume name before, never had a problem. that's why i said odd.
  6. Laptop doesn't boot

    weird, i had this problem before, but when i switched to leopar, it fixed it. you using vanilla?
  7. Cannnot boot without cd

    LOL odd, well glad you solved the problem.

    how did you get two HDD's in your laptop?? anyways, i took a look and it seems that the included ntfs driver is causing the problem. what format is your windowspartition in? and is it a separate drive or separate partition? another question, do you NEED access to your ntfs drive?
  9. yeah osx86 can be a real pain if you dont have the right intel chipset
  10. the file is at /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist. open it in textedit and look for a section like this: <key>Timeout</key> <string></string> if there isn't one then put it under the section: <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>[blah blah]</string> ([blah blah] represents whatever has been put there by the install disk, do NOT change this) and then type the time you want for a timeout in second between <string> and </string> in the end it should look like this <key>Timeout</key> <string>[time you decided on in seconds]</string> save it to the desktop. then drag it form the desktop to the open window /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ and type in your password when asked. then reboot the system. NOTE: if you aren't confortable doing this, then pst your com.apple.boot.plist file and i'll edit it for you with the value you want. if you mess this file up, your system will be unbootable. for safety reasons backup the file first to the root of your drive (drag and drop)
  11. Leopard NOT booting

    to uninstall nvinjectgo, you just follow those instructions i gave you before to remove a kext i singleuser mode. for the future, whenever you are installing a new driver, do some reasearch to find out what kexts it replaces, and back them up to an easy to remember folder at the root of your drive (backup extensions works) and note them somewhere so if you have to go back, you can without reinstalling. try nvinjectgo and let me know if that works. was everything else working? wireless/ethernet/sound blah blah blah? and im curious, what distro are you using (iatkos, kalyway, toh)?
  12. works great, awesome guide, thanks!! i say sticky!
  13. Dual boot

    set the leopard partition as active in diskpart (windows command line). but this will most likely break windows updating functionality and you won't be to use the windows boot manager, you will only be able to boot from darwin into windows.
  14. Leopard NOT booting

    forget everything i said. i just did some research on the macvidia system and discovered that it overwrites the stock nvidia drivers, meaning you are screwed even if you delete them the and get the system running, nvinject requires the stock kexts to function. do you have your osx86 disc handy? you need to do a reinstall and then download nvinjectgo. do you have instant messaging? it would be easier for me to help you there.
  15. Leopard NOT booting

    okay try using macvidia.kext as the file