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  1. Hi I had a Asus w7s with the custom bios you did for me ages ago, but for some reason my board got fried, so asus upgraded my board for free (love warrenties =D) to w7sg ^^ would it be possiable for you to mod this bios aswell? link is http://dlsvr04.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/W7E/W7ES306AS.zip thanks in advance, cant wait to use OSX agen with you modded bios
  2. Had the same issue before, you need to change your kernel. after 10.5.2 kaly combo kernel does not get changed, he has released another pkg with 2 kernels vanilla and modded, you need to install that and the slow startup will be fixed (i used vanilla) after that is done and working you can try the speedstep stuff. have you changed to a modified bios? if not try booting with the following options cpus=1 -x -v that shud get u into the installer hope that helps
  3. Just for reference, there are actually 3 different ACPIplatform.kext on iATKOS, that one you want is the one that ins including in the "intel base' pkg (if you are extracting) if you are installing from DVD then leave stock ACPI and ACPI fix unticked. a way to find out if you got the right one is to browse the kext go into plugins and see if there is a powersource.kext .
  4. for me i installed any 10.5.1 (altho iATOKOS imho is better) then i installed 10.5.2 via kalyway combo update, i tried netkas method and it also messed up my system and had to reinstall so try kalyway update, as for kernels, i tried both modded and non modded and both work find, its easy to change the kernel once u have the system up. if you installed leopard using kalyway 10.5.1 then you are using pc_efi v8, if you used iATKOS then you had a choice during install.
  5. yeah i got the battery meter up by using ACPIPlatform from iATKOS =D everything seems to work now apart from speed step, i aint even sure if i will bother with that
  6. i fixed the usb issue by installing another kernel, and i never used the installer mentioned above, changing kernel seemed to fix the slow boot aswell. cant seem to get the battery meter up, is it poss for anoyone to upload their ACPIplatfrom? or tell me which one they are using? I tried various and they all dont work.
  7. congrats on the install. to get ur 8600m gs to work, update to 10.5.2 using kalyway combo, sys update for leopard graphics, after thatn you need to install NVinject.kext and it will work, but for some reason boot up takes forever and a day. but it boots, trying to figure out why that is happening now. i was so smart last night i kinda did a rm -R /System/Library/Extensions >_< so had to reinstall AGAIN (prob 5th time these 2 days) anyway, does anyone know how to fix usb not being able to mount anymore? its weird it shows in disk utilties, but it doesnt appear on the desktop, but if i boot with USBs in, they appear on desktop?
  8. Hey guys, little update, 10.5.2 and speed step just dont work, i had weird errors concerning missing a throttler in Library/Speedstep (i didnt even have that folder) and spedstep.app didnt load, due to not having the throttler, anyway, decided to go with standard and everything seems to be ok, apart from the Graphics update doesnt work, need NVinject to get it to work properly. and battery meter does not work btw i speak cantonese and english =D
  9. Hey Guys, I did what Ant said and switched the IDE to comp instead of enhanced and guess what? IT WORKED! now I am on iATKOS i1.0r3, sound worked out of box, i heard the funky music when you create your first user, very very impressed. I think speedstep is also working, as i hear my CPU fan spin faster and slower, but the speedstep app doesnt seem to load for me, I am gonna upgrade to 10.5.2 now MKayZ
  10. Hey guys, I just flashed the custom bios for my asus w7s, all went smoothly, and then i tried to run the iatoks i1.0r3, and to my surprise i didnt need any perameters at boot, went straight in and worked fine, i even noticed the battery icon appearing int he installer, also very good. everything was fine until I have to choose a HD to install to, it couldnt find any, only the DVD ROM, so i fired up disk util, and it also wasnt able to see my hard drive or my dvd rom either, Not sure how to fix this, so now I am gonna install the kalyway from scratch, but i wanted to try iatoks coz even from the apple loading screen kalyway has it wide and ugly where iatoks had the correct resolution, i aint sure which is the better release but oh well, it seems like the modified bios's do work i will keep you guys posted on the outcome =D
  11. Would be great for an asus w7s modded bios, there is 2 request for it above =D
  12. anyone tried the iATOKS i1.0r3 + bad bios patch on a asus laptop? it says it will solve the freeze at the buffers count (10495), which in my experience was caused by ACPIPlaltform.kext thus forcing us to use a single core. Well that is how i got around it anyway, not sure how you guys did it, any thoughts?
  13. to make it so that you do not need to re-type boot options everytime and fix resolution you can edit your /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist and add the boot options in the correct place, you can also set your Graphics Mode here, but I think its only for the VESA driver, if you have install 10.5.2 and the graphics drivers, this is not needed.
  14. Hi Guys, I am just wondering if there are any new hardware support in 10.5.2? or are they all bug fixes to the OS? thanks
  15. @Stlvnub: if i drag it up 10GB then it would be in the blue and which i presume is the data on the drive? @timster no i havent tried it in the installer yet, i will do when i have the time