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GEForce 7300 GT AGP 512Mo DDR2

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Does someone knows how to make a PNY GEForce 7300 AGP with 512Mo DDR2 to work.


By default, it's recognized with 256Mo by leo, (without NVinject or Natit) ... but without QE and hardware CI...

when i boot with NVinject 0.2.1, system crashes just before login screen.


Some People flash theyre 512Mo ram PCIe to be recognized with 512 ram into leo, but, it doesn't appear to work with AGP cards.


My question is :

Is there à solution to make my card work under leo (QE/CI harware) even with only 256Mo ram, if it's not possible with 512 ?


- edit kext and put my UID PNY card ?


Please help, i've bought this card specially for full leo 10.5 support !


Thanks !

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They say :


Well, I forgot it was AGP card... AGP cards can be flashed, but it does not help with OS X. You can still try the 512Mb version of NVinject but NVIDIA 512Mb AGP cards just don't work in OS X so far (even on real Macs)



But is there any chance to make this card to be recognize by leo with 256Mo and QE / CI hardware ?

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