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REQUEST iPod Touch 1.1.3 Firmware


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Today I found out about the new update for the iPod touch. I was thrilled, i mean, i really don't use the installer apps, i only cared about the Maps and Mail iPhone apps. However, when I found out that i had to pay $20 for a FIRMWARE UPGRADE i was extremely disappointed.

I think Apple has no right to make people like me who bought the iPod Touch last week PAY for something that would be released in a week. I mean, they should have warned us or something.

What i'm asking here is that if anyone has the upgrade, please give me a link to download it or upload it to rapidshare or other webhosting service so that i can download it.

Also, I live in South America, meaning that even if i wanted to pay i couldn't because there's no iTunes store in my country and also because i don't have a us bank account or someone who could mail me a Gift Card.


Thanks in advance. :(

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Christ I hate to be rude, but it's only $20 for a $300 piece of equipment far less than a good set of headphones. Honestly it's worth it, just pay the money, not like Apple needs it but it means some fun apps come February with the release of the SDK.

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*Double Post Alert*


Apparently, someone figured out how to get the apps and features for free, but it transforms the iPod touch into an iPhone (meaning, you see "No Service" where it should say "iPod", and you have phone.app and sms.app, but I'm not sure what the full extent of this is...).


For the daring: http://www.ipodtouchfans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29276






EDIT: Apparently, it also gives you that pesky "waiting for activation" deal.


I'm still waiting for a cleaner method for both the jailbreak and unlocking of apps and features.

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I found out a solution to get basically all the features of the January upgrade for free.

Add this source to installer: http://ipodtouchmaster.com/files/repo.xml

Then look for the 1.1.3 iPhone Applications category and there's a pack which will give you all the apps plus the lyrics display, the wiggly icons feature and the webclips.

This worked well for me, and it didn't transform my iPod into an iPhone.

This can be done using Nate's jailbreak and the DevTeam's one.

Hope it helps!

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