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  1. Apple Mobile Device...

    Alright, so can anyone tell me why I have to reinstall iTunes every time I want to sync my iPhone now because it wont show up like it should? Apple Mobile Device driver is not starting automatically and I dont believe there is a manual way to trigger it? Can anyone help?
  2. isnt there a test or nething?
  3. Okay so I got everything installed. It seems to be working I fixed the ethernet and used nvinject to get my Geforce 8600 gt working, gives me a hanging blue screen but bypasses it after a couple minutes. anyways, now that i seem to have just about everything working how do i know if my system is stable?
  4. Alright, well I have made my new site. http://natekasco.com Check it out if you are in the need of Web Design Services. Splash, Logos, Banners, Full Templates, Even coding! Check it out!
  5. yeah, i figured that out but thanks
  6. everything works for me except google maps. they just launch then immediately close
  7. wow, i cannot believe how fast the apps are here. i know they are installed with the update though. great job guys
  8. alright. about to restart now. fingers crossed!well im back. that didnt seem to do anything... its still doing the same thing. do you have an AIM account i could talk to you on?
  9. ok. also i only have IONetworkingFamily.kext... do i use that. and how can i do all of this in terminal. this would be easier with screen sharing through ichat... =] haha when i try to do it in terminal, i get a operation not permitted...
  10. am i going to have to re install my ethernet? also, i only have IONetworkingFamily.kext... where can I get IONetworking.kext
  11. alright. i just got myself an apple keyboard and a brand new nvidia 8600 GT 512MB graphics card. I installed it perfectly and it works. It recognized it and I installed the right drivers, it seems like everything works now, including screen res and photobooth. All I want to get working now and then I have a full OS X is time machine. It just collapses the finder like its going to start and freezes for a second. Then the screen just goes blank, like it shows the desktop and nothing happens. I have tried multiple times. I have QE/CI enabled. I am just not sure why I cannot get this to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. who cares. people do it. theres no stopping this {censored}
  13. Yeah, it loads the page but then it just says it quit unexpectedly. I am on Leopard OSX86. AMD processor. I could try marvins but i dont really know how to use it. Other than that though it works.
  14. *Don't* Upgrade to 1.1.3!

  15. REQUEST iPod Touch 1.1.3 Firmware

    yeah, obviously he wants the separate package. if you get this please pm me googleuser. id really appreciate it