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ox86 10.4.9 and logic audio on vmware


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i have the last version of vmware 6.0.2 ( downloaded from the oficial website right now and fully registered)


i tested a build image for vmware ( mac osx86 10.4.1 ) but it runs very very slow and dont detect my sound card


im downloading a jas mac osx 10.4.9 ( my processor supports only ss1 and ss2 )


i need a few tips once the software is instaled and working on vmware, how to install logic audio there and how to update the necessary files for logic work


im only triyng to get mac os just to use logic audio ( mac buy that software and dont exist on pc anymore )


can you guys help me please ?



my pc is:


P4 3200mhz hyper threading


motherboard asrock


2GB ram twinmos


sound card creative audigy 2zs


harddisc sata 160GB seagate barracuda


graphics card nvidia 7600GT



thanks in advance nice forum you guys have here :thumbsup_anim:

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XpertVision, as the others have said, via VMWare there's not a hope in hell, you might just about get to have a look at Logic, but to get any audio out of it.. no way


you could INSTALL via VMware, by installing to a physical drive or partition (rather than an image) and then boot from that partition or image natively (without VMWare).. in fact that is often the only option as most people face the issue of 'still waiting for root device' when trying to install directly from DVD..


You'll have a decent chance of getting logic going with an install from the JAS image you mentioned (dual booted with XP) on another partition or drive on that PC, preferably on another Hard drive... there's less chance you'll have problems with keeping XP up and running. use the forum everything you need to know will be in here somewhere.

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I run Logic pro 7 on my hackmac 10.4.10 P4 3Ghz Asusp4p800se got some issues with the sound it kind of cuts out irregularly while playing and if Im unlucky also when I record, works ok when I bounce offline though.



I bought a replacement XS key from apple cause my old key broke and the one I got from them showed to be fully authorized for both platforms so now I have full authorization for all Mac versions since I also bought an uppgrade to Logic pro 8 and even the good old Emagic Logic Platinum 5.5.1 for PC all synths everything, thats cool.



If its the old Emagic Logic Audio you have the chances are pretty good its also authorized for PC, I also have the Emagic Logic Audio Big Box 5 authorized for both platforms. A used Emagic Logic also authorized for PC you should be able to pick up on ebay pretty cheap and all versions from Logic 5 and up are upgradeable into mac versions.


So if I where you I would buy a used Emagic version authorized for both platforms then upgrade in the steps you can moneywize cause its not for free. Then get them to replace your key and keep your fingers cross you get one back fully authorized for both platforms like I did.


My Big Box is for sale so....... PM

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You would need a USB or a Firewire soundcard cause the old PCI standard does not work in a hackmac. I have the M audio Delta 1010 PCI soundcard and it does not work. M Audio does not supply drivers for their PCI cards for intelmacs cause intelmacs do not come with PCI slots.


If you have the 5.5.1 Platinum it´s uppgradeable to Logic Studio check over at Applestore it´s not so expensive.


Do you have some music on the net I can listen to?

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