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  1. Asus P5k or p5kc Im newBie please help

    because lan works maybe?.. add abit ip-35 pro or dark raider to your list to check out too. logic 8 with iAtkos 1.0r1 with that combo has been flawless for me. pretty sure you'll find any board capable of running kalyway/iatkos will be fine with logic.. although you probably want to consider an audio interface rather than onboard audio
  2. Cubase user trying to get along with Logic

    Totally agree, still find myself right clicking 2 months after making the switch... this may help lessen the curve... direct copy of a post from the Logic User group From: "Edgar Rothermich" <edgarrothermichmac.com> Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 at 12:17:48 PM Subject: [LUG] Logic 8 - Another New Personal Manual Message #233851 I just uploaded the second Personal Manual for Logic 8 This is ment as a little help with the Key Commands. I copied the Key Commands of Logic 8 and Logic 7.2 into a spreadsheet and tried to match them up. The result is a 13 page spreadsheet with all the Key Commands in the Logic8 order with the following helpful features: * all L7 and L8 Key Commands side by side * all new Key Commands in L8 are marked * all renamed Key Commands in L8 are marked * all the L7 Key Commands that didn't make it into L8 ar listed I tried to make the fonts as small as posible to reduce the number of pages, but I think you can still read them when you print them out. The color I used for marking should come across ok when you print in b/w. As an addition, I posted also the spreadsheet in the original file format "iWork: Numbers" and as an Excel export file (looks pretty crappy). If you want to further customize the file for your own needs, at least you have the raw data. (BTW, for all my Manuals, I'm using Apple's Pages since it came out) As usual, the zipped files are available as a free download from my website: http://homepage.mac.com/edgarrothermich/Manuals.html Have fun Edgar Rothermich
  3. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    onozendai, Thanks for posting disk speeds earlier, nice scores, I am going to use your output as a bit of a target due to having fairly similar components (except for my older GFX and slower memory). comparing your new results with the old... cpu threading and quartz has improved, just wondering if you have tweaked anything or if it is just because of the 10.5.2 update? cheers
  4. iAtkos Boot times?

    ooh {censored}.. I obviously got issues then .. cheers for that mate
  5. Game controller as a midi input

    really?.. I just did that exact same search and turned up the following straight away... Junxion http://www.steim.org/steim/products.html http://vjkungfu.tv/archive/playsonic-av-fu...ame-controller/ and your thread at Sound on Sound Forum
  6. Game controller as a midi input

    err.. not really sure you've thought this through.. car crash of an idea.. but anyways.. if you type 'game controller to midi mac' into google, It throws up quite a lot of different projects, thats about as far as I could go with that though.
  7. Motu 828mkII.. ahh yeah, sorry got the wrong end of the handle there.. at work and half busy, anyways.. according to someone on the osx86 wiki.. yep it works on Tiger.. and there's leopard drivers for it at MOTU.com.. your chances are extremely good
  8. Just checked and 324 doesn't have drivers for leopard, you're going to need a PCI-X 424 (PCI might work but I can defo say my PCI-X does) If you just went with say an Nvidia 7600 if you don't really require intensive 3d graphics it's one less thing to think about as far as compatibility. Why not use your G5 for PPC plugins via RAX with the OS integrated AU netsend plugin and network coremidi?
  9. Logic 8 has proven to be extremely stable running leopoard vanilla kernel, not a single hitch in over a month of heavy use, lots of plugs, high track counts and some seriously large sample streaming (VSL/Scarbee's etc). I'm using MOTU 2408mkIII and stock drivers from MOTU work straight off the bat, I expect the pci-324 will be no different The question about the board all depends on what YOU want and how much post installation work you're prepared to do really, because stability as such isn't an issue with any of your choices, just read the various threads on the board to see the success rate and driver (kext) patches for each motherboard which interests you to confirm, know what you're taking on in each case plus you need to make your choice based on your requirements of ports/no. of drives etc. and of course price if you want maximum performance with the Q6600 CPU (and future 45nm) then the badaxe isn't the best choice, the badaxe offered near out of the box compatibility with OSX distributions (very little kext editing) and is therefore harped on about a lot, but it's chipset is older now with the introduction of P35 boards, most of which also give near out of the box compatibility for less money... personally I got the Abit-IP35 (Darkraider not the E or Pro, although it is closer to the Pro in terms of sata/ide) and have only had to patch network as I don't use on board audio.. of course.. and neither will you) that took about 2 mins and the info is readily available on this site via a quick search as it is for most of the newer generation mobo's. btw I'm using iAtkos, though kalyway or EFI+Retail are all reported to work without much trouble.
  10. Best logic CPU

    Not quite sure where you heard that MrMacMan, but as far as I can see plugins do use the four cores whether they're logic's native or third party AU's (as long as they're are opened within logic that is?!?), one of the quick tests I did just after getting everything up and running.. y'know just to see just how far I could push my rig (as you do with a new toy) was to open just four audio tracks, each with instances of guitar rig in high quality mode and 6 instances of space designer using a really long convolution preset (don't remember which one), then I just kept on whacking more and more guitar rig FX/cabs etc into the presets (in the guitar rig instances) till all I could hear was pure white noise (indicating it had pretty much maxxed out), can't tell you how much it could take in any scientific measure but it took a long time and a lorra lorra FX to get it to max out, this was all at 2ms latency I might add .. that pretty much kerbed my curiosity and I decided it was indeed a fecking beast way beyond my expectation (I'm very power conscious and have been using 4 PC's to complete projects in the past) anyways.. during that test, there were four rows on logic's CPU indicator.. 3.5 of which were illuminated, the last one fluctuating.. which indicates to me that the plugin's were using all the cores and the 25%-50% of the last core was somehow reserved, possibly by OS processes?, anyhow that doesn't bother me at all as it seemed having that bit of extra overhead kept the OS and logic fully responsive and stable (just as if there was nothing going on in logic at all), ever tried stopping cubase SX versions on a PC when you hit max?.. had none of that kak at all
  11. Best logic CPU

    Couldn't give you a real world answer as I dont' have an E8400, although I can confirm that logic does use all 4 cores of a Q6600 and it's possible to get an overclock of 3.6ghz on air with the G0 stepping CPU, prolly more if you want to get really geeky and waste some good tune writing time.. I'd guess that the Q6600 will kick an E8400's batty providing at least 25% extra headroom, but it is just a guess.
  12. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    onozendai, cool.. how about posting with disk speeds test enabled?.. go on.. I dare you
  13. iAtkos Boot times?

    Afternoon all, Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing a loooong boot time with iAtkos 1.0i (Vanilla + EFI), it has been this way in my case from the very first boot after installation, I'd really like to know what sort of times others are experiencing WITH IATKOS only please (a rough idea of your spec might be a useful gauge too) in my case It's approximately 90 seconds or so to GUI, from the moment the grey apple appears.. XP on the same PC is prolly around 25 secs.. decent spec too.. Q6600, Abit IP-35 Dark Raider (IDE Mode), 4gb x Corsair XMS2 Dominator, 2 x Western Digital AAKS Drives. Leopard is very fast once the GUI is up and running, disk transfer speeds in the OS aren't too bad either in comparison to other folks X-Bench results... nothing strange I can identify in logs or verbose (-v) boot I tried lots of BIOS combo's with drive parameters, disabling all unused devices/ports, killing caches, zapping PRAM and so forth, nothing much made a difference.. maybe someone can suggest a route to tackle this also Appreciated
  14. do you do drugs?

    aww kiko, that brought back a great memory... chilling out with mates smoking a big bag of nice ultra sticky green with a sprinkling of coke (tangy!), coming down off a night of ol' skool clubbing and MDMA powder .. damn I'm dribbling.
  15. do you do drugs?

    There we go, had this fella smoked a few during his lifetime I don't think he would take such a closed minded and agressive approach in his reply to an obviously light hearted comment, obviously a lil' bit uptight over there . viva la difference