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  1. I've read people reporting a bug that the front audio is coming out of the rear port (black) and vice versa This is not a bug It's a design feature of the original kX drivers for Windows, and has been translated over to OS X, as with most Live/Audigy series cards, the DA converter for the rear outputs is actually better quality that the DAC on the front outputs. More Info
  2. dj_stick

    MacBook Air Beaten

    http://gizmodo.com/395419/voodoos-envy-133...-notebook-alive summary: 0.7" thick (17.78mm for those using modern terms), 13.3" display (337.82mm) 2 USB ports (1 can also act as an eSATA connection) Multi-touch keypad External optical drive bundled (why can't Apple do this?)
  3. dj_stick

    instruments PRO LOGIC 8

    they're part of the application package itself, so there are no seperate files open logic, enable your core audio driver (or NO plugins will show) create a new instrument track, and in the channel strip just above the fader are two boxes, the one on the bottom is the output destination, and it should say "Output 1/2" the box immediately above that is the input source, it should be blank hold your mouse down on that and a menu will appear with all available instruments
  4. dj_stick

    Which USB interface for osx86 logic 8?

    if you can find an old audigy or audigy 2 card with firewire, drop that in and the firewire port'll work perfectly
  5. dj_stick

    instruments PRO LOGIC 8

    are yuo talking about the built in instruments (ESx, ESX24), or the sampler instruments for the EXS24?
  6. dj_stick

    Live!/Audigy series may get OSX drivers

    the firewire port on my Audigy 2 ZS works fine in OSX - iirc to get it working on the front panel interface you need to connect a cable from the card to the live drive
  7. i currently have the two disk system/audio setup (in addition to a windows disk and a time machine disk) and haven't noticed any problems yet
  8. dj_stick


    all macs have a generic stereo in/out interface that wil lwork within logic, though you'll probably want an external device, preferably firewire - for LE 7, any core audio supported interface will do fine (though i recommend upgraded to LE 8, 7 is EXTREMELY limited in what it can do)
  9. yeah you can use dual monitors with logic, i used a 6600 and a 7200gs on my old system (p4 3.2) all was good though i recommend one drive for the system, one for sample libraries, and one for your audio projects (or if budget is tight, use the same drive for samples and audio projects)
  10. dj_stick

    New products at WWDC

    tablet mac
  11. dj_stick

    Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    not neccessarily, some versions of M-Powered (i think the education versions mostly) require an iLok, while others just require you have specific M-Audio hardware and btw digidesign have released a leopard compatible "pre-release" version http://www.digidesign.com/index.cfm?navid=...on=news_details
  12. dj_stick

    Where can I find a working PSP emulator?

    I don't know about that, there's something nostalgic about playing Zelda 4 for GBC fullscreen on a 17" monitor
  13. dj_stick

    Mac Pro Questions (Newest Version)

    don't bother with the second superdrive, any pata/sata drive will work (the two ODD_SATA ports are active, and often used for eSATA connectivity) however unless your drive is a Pioneer or other brand apple ship, it may not properly support disc burning (keep the superdrive in there, and then add a second sata drive) any other questions you have about the config of the new mac pros, just ask, i have one sitting under my desk now
  14. dj_stick

    **Starcraft** problem

    iirc theres a universal binary update for starcraft - you may need that
  15. dj_stick

    Apple Logic 8.0.1

    you can create what ever keyboard shortcuts you need in logic: Logic - Preferences - Key Commands