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Effects of RAM on Battery Life

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Hey guys,


I am waiting to see what they announce at MWSF until I buy a Macbook but whatever I get I was thinking about maxing out the RAM.


My question is what kind of effect does RAM really have on battery life?


Theoretically it takes up more power, so it should drain it quicker, but is the difference noticeable?


I am a big fan of having the best stuff I can afford, and certainly with 4GB upgrade kits costing in the $100 range it is something I could get but the whole point of having a laptop for me is to use it when I go out (like to do work at a library) and not have to worry about bringing my adapter along or having to find an outlet (the desks in the library I go to with the outlets are always all taken by other laptop people).


Has anyone here run any tests to see what happens when you add more RAM from say 1GB to 4GB? Does the battery life diminish insignificantly (like you lose 10 mins) or significantly (like you lose an hour)?

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