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  1. Inside the Macbook Air

    Oh I am not angry, I am quite happy with the new Air. I am saying that a lot of complainers might have their concerns addressed if Apple released info ahead of time.
  2. Inside the Macbook Air

    Haha I can't believe you actually fell for it. (note: to be fair, I stole this joke from Family Guy when Stewy challenged his teddy bear Rupert to look up Gullible in the dictionary claiming it wasn't there) Totally agree. What is "better" is highly dependent on an individuals needs. For someone who needs a light, durable notebook the MacBook Air is better than the thicker, heavier MacBook. A few other things one could consider are the LED backlit screen currently not present in any Macbook other than the 5.5lb 15.4" MBP, a multi touch trackpad which is not present in ANY other notebook, a backlit keyboard also only available on the bigger, heavier MBP, among other things. The highlight/selling point is obviously the size/weight, which is huge for me. My first laptop was 15.4", then I went down to 14.1", so I am going to be happy going down to 13.3" especially with the thickness. My first laptop was humongous, my 2nd one wasn't THAT bad but still pretty big, and now I will finally have something super thin, which is something I've desired for a long time. For some people certain features are more important than others. Just because you don't see the value in these features or may not think they are worth the price doesn't mean other people feel the same way. (Luckily for me the Air is actually a tiny bit cheaper than the entry level white MacBook) Buying a product you like isn't being cheated. Everyone knows you pay a premium with Apple as all their hardware is overpriced and often underpowered when compared to some if not many PCs, yet we buy them cause we like them.
  3. Inside the Macbook Air

    Would you type a 10 page business report on your blackberry? Would you do heavy online research on a blackberry? Would you put together a presentation or spreadsheet on a blackberry? Sure it may technically be ABLE to do these things, but its not going to be a comfortable experience if done on a regular basis. Hell, even editing / proofreading a large document on a small screen with a tiny keyboard would be a pain in the ass. I know, I used to have a Pocket PC with Pocket Word. Its hardly underpowered. It does what it needs to do and it does it quickly. It has less power compared to some other products, but it doesn't mean its inadequate. Next, I value weight as I do not like to carry heavy things around. 3lbs v. 5lbs DOES make a difference if that is the only thing you will be carrying. In my case it will be. I will be using a small sleeve (with a shoulder strap) to carry the Air and the Adapter for it and thats it. I assume you drive the cheapest KIA, as it fulfills the requirements of a vehicle. I also assume by your logic you believe people who buy anything more expensive than the lowest end car are suckers, especially those who buy BMWs, Lexuses, or Accuras. I am not gullible for buying something I will enjoy using more than something else especially since it fulfills all my needs. I'd rather pay more and be more satisfied with my product than pay less and be less happy with it. Besides, "Gullible" has a different meaning than you imply, but since its not in the dictionary (go ahead, look it up) I guess we can't settle that question.
  4. Inside the Macbook Air

    Yeah. I think there are many whiners now a days because we get nothing until the day the product is done. If Apple told us the specs of the Air 6 months ahead of time they would've gotten feedback and been able to make adjustments to please more people. Then again it would also take away the media coverage as it wouldn't be a surprise anymore.
  5. Inside the Macbook Air

    I guess the price does matter if you have a limited budget for tech products or you can't get a discount on it. I will admit its kinda pricey, though its competitive among other ultra portables. I will be getting it for a price close to the regular entry level model macbook, so for me it makes total sense, though I would be willing to pay more if I had to (in fact I had pre-ordered it only to cancel after I found out I could get a better deal on it). Personally though, I value having something really small and light and am willing to pay a premium to get it. But the price debate is different from the debate of how good of a laptop this is. Just because the specs aren't cutting edge (when compared to other Apple laptops) doesn't mean its useless, and just because its expensive doesn't mean its a non-starter. Comparing this thing to a blackberry or a piece of junk not worthy of any serious use or consideration is completely OVER THE TOP. This is a pretty damn good laptop, has pretty damn good specs, and there are a lot of crappier laptops out there right now on the market. It can handle just about anything and do it quickly while its at it. Yet so many people here and all over the forums on the net are acting as if the MacBook Air was a 500Mhz 32MB RAM machine in 2008 and would crawl like a turtle, choke, and die if anyone tried to do anything useful on it. Get over yourselves people, this is a pretty speedy/solid laptop on its own merits. I also personally enjoy having longer battery life but 3-4 hours is sufficient to get work done on the go. If you have a job that requires you to take international flights in coach (with no place to plug in) that last more than 6 hours AND work while you are on the plane the WHOLE time, then you need to find a better job. And if you are taking trips somewhere, fly an airline that has a place to plug in if you MUST use your laptop the whole flight and get a car adapter for road trips. And again, yes, its expensive, but that doesn't mean it sucks.
  6. Inside the Macbook Air

    I guess I can do the occasional photo touch up or web graphic in Photoshop CS3 on a Blackberry, you're right. Do you have any benchmarks for how fast the blackberry can run Office or iWork? I also took a look at some blackberry pics and I can't find a video out port for when I have to do a presentation, and its keyboard doesn't look like it'd be comfortable to write and edit reports for my clients. In other words, quit being a jerk. The Air is far from useless and its far from slow for most tasks. Relatively to a macbook pro or macbook it may be a bit slower, but that's RELATIVE. Just because it will take an extra second or three (literally) to load a program doesn't mean its unusable. It also doesn't mean its a toy that is inadequate for business use (unless you fly internationally every week and absolutely must put in more than 4 hours of work on a plane or something). There are people out there with computers with FAR WORSE specs who don't seem to think their computers are useless. There are also new computers being sold out there which are much slower (cheaper too, granted, but spec-wise are far inferior to the Air) which are also not useless to the people who buy them. In fact, they work quite well given that most things a regular person would use a computer for don't require a cutting edge hypothetical super computer from space (I stole that line from Zero Punctuation; man those reviews are funny!). I used to have a Dell Laptop (E1405) which I sold about a month and a half ago that had a Core 2 Duo 1.6Ghz processor and 2GB of RAM. It was definitely not slow. I ran Photoshop CS3 on it (despite it only having Intel 950 GMA) and I multitasked it with IE, Office, DreamWeaver, an FTP client, and messaging clients. It ran very smoothly and I was happy with its performance (had it not been for my recent Mac conversion I'd still be on it). I can't imagine the MacBook Air, with virtually identical specs, yet a better video card, would be worse, "slow", or "useless" for business or personal purposes when my old Dell was just dandy and speedy and certainly offered much more functions than a blackberry or other non-computer devices.
  7. Inside the Macbook Air

    I wonder how hard it is to replace the hard drive yourself also. If its pretty easy I am going to consider buying one on Newegg or elsewhere to get SSD for about 1/3 the price of Apple's price.
  8. So no webcam, ugly design, no multitouch, and can't run OS X legally/natively/without issues & hacking. And I would bet the price will be at least 50% more than the standard MacBook Air (granted the Lenovo has the SSD standard from what it seems but for those who want all the advantages of an ultraportable without the steep price, the Air will probably still be the cheapest one).
  9. Macbook Air or Black Macbook?

    I've done some thinking and I pulled the trigger on the Air. I like the way it looks MUCH better than the toy-look of the white ones, and the black one is okay too - I like it - but I am not in love with it. Hard to describe. Ultimately I am thinking to myself that I will be stuck with whatever I get for at least one or two years, probably two, and if I am not "in love" with my laptop and not excited to use it, what kind of effect will that have on my productivity? It sounds so silly, but $300 is apparently the price difference/price tag of happiness The Air reminds me of my previous two PC laptops, Dell 6000d and E1405, both of which had silver looking body and black keyboard. Maybe its a subconscious reaction. Anyway, for me the primary concerns are portability and somewhat power. Power to the extent I can do my freelance work on the go - namely editing Office documents and using Photoshop/Dreamweaver (I do some web work). I happen to know from experience that 1.6Ghz Core 2 Duo with 2GB of RAM is NOT slow for those tasks, as my Dell E1405 had EXACTLY those specs. I guess its a matter of relativity. The MacBook Air is slower compared to other laptops, yes, but it is by no means slow or inadequate for most tasks, including Photoshop (at least the way I use photoshop, which isn't TOO heavy just basic web work). I guess 80GB HD is too small for Boot Camp, and the 4200 rpm thing is the one thing that may slow it down just a tad, but that's only when reading/writing to and from the hard drive, I am sure it will be fine once things are loaded up into RAM. I see the consensus here is mostly around the regular MacBooks but I am not so sure. For all the tech talk, looks matter too. It's kind of like picking a girlfriend. If you have the choice of two girls, one is super hot knockout style, and the other is just average looking, and their personalities are more or less the same (for your needs, anyway) with the hot one having maybe one or two minor quirks, I think many people here would still pick the knockout. I guess that is kind of what I did here. Anyone else make the tough choice yet and ordered either the Air or one of the others?
  10. Macbook Air or Black Macbook?

    I wonder how slow the 4200 rpm really is, and if the jump from 4200 to 5400 rpm is really noticeable. I think that is my biggest reservation. I don't need crazy power either but enough to run Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Word/Pages, and basic internet. I can also get the MacBook Air for $1691 + tax (Estimated Total:$1,813.60) via a parter/employee purchase program. I am really torn. Earlier today I was dead set on MacBook black. Now I am waffling back and forth. I wish there was more information available as to the sturdyness of this MacBook Air and some real user experiences.
  11. I have been holding off buying a Mac Laptop to wait for the keynote just in case so that I don't buy something that will be outdated in days/weeks. I am sure I am not the only one who has been holding off a purchase for this reason, so this question goes out to all those who are going to buy a new macbook within the next few weeks or months. What is a better use of your money, the new MacBook Air or the highest end Black MacBook? It seems like performance wise, there is no contest. You get a 600Mhz faster processor, a full 38% faster, expandability up to 4GB of RAM (100% more memory) , a DVD burner, Ethernet Jack, FireWire port, and 1 EXTRA hour of battery life. Let's not forget the hard drive, you get a FASTER hard drive with TWICE the capacity. The price with the memory upgrade from a 3rd party is still at least $250-$300 less than the MacBook Air standard configuration. Now let's examine the portability factor. The MacBook is 5lbs. The Macbook Air is 3lbs. The MacBook is 1 inch thick, so its maybe twice as thick as the MacBook Air on average (which goes from a quarter to three quarters of an inch). So yes, you get a slightly lighter load. If you have a bad back or you will be lugging it on your back all day at school or business location this could be a big factor. Portability definitely favors Apple's new MacBook Air, but let's face it the MacBook is also quite portable and not exactly a heavyweight. In fact due to the extra hour of battery life and the ability to replace your own battery makes the regular MacBook more portable to some. It ultimately comes down to how you want to spend your money. I think I am leaning towards a Black MacBook, and let me give you one last thing to consider. For the same money you could have a Black MacBook, which is far more powerful and versatile, AND an iPod Touch or a MacBook Air. Tough choice. How do you guys choose/reason?
  12. Confirmation of MacBook Air?

    Maybe if you close the laptop lid you can play Air Hockey on it to pass the time at the office!
  13. Effects of RAM on Battery Life

    LOL I guess I see the reasoning there, but I wonder if there are any real world tests on this.
  14. Hey guys, I am waiting to see what they announce at MWSF until I buy a Macbook but whatever I get I was thinking about maxing out the RAM. My question is what kind of effect does RAM really have on battery life? Theoretically it takes up more power, so it should drain it quicker, but is the difference noticeable? I am a big fan of having the best stuff I can afford, and certainly with 4GB upgrade kits costing in the $100 range it is something I could get but the whole point of having a laptop for me is to use it when I go out (like to do work at a library) and not have to worry about bringing my adapter along or having to find an outlet (the desks in the library I go to with the outlets are always all taken by other laptop people). Has anyone here run any tests to see what happens when you add more RAM from say 1GB to 4GB? Does the battery life diminish insignificantly (like you lose 10 mins) or significantly (like you lose an hour)?
  15. I agree with the above posters who say the iMac is the way to go. $1,400 with a student discount gets you the 20" iMac with the 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo and HD 2600 256MB Video card. Not a bad machine at all. I use mine for gaming in boot camp (and I have the RAM maxed out to 4GB 3rd party) and it works just great. While this budget may not leave much room for 3rd party RAM, I am sure you can scrap up the additional $100 or so to get two 2GB sticks for it somehow, even if it means shoveling some snow for your neighbors or selling a few things you don't need around the house on eBay. In the end you get legitimate iMac with iLife, a great looking machine that doesn't take up any space under your desk and uses relatively few cables, and you can play your games in Windows via Boot Camp. No hackintosh headaces or lost weekends - if not weeks - trying to figure out weird kernel panics and mysterious errors, no torrenting for days on end the latest underground patches, and no fear of doing updates. The only reason anyone would build or get a hackintosh is if they cannot afford a real mac, as they are expensive machines; in your case, that is clearly not the case. Oh and Mac Mall has the older 2.16Ghz iMacs on sale for $1299 or $1399, the 24" white ones. That is also a great machine too, and within your budget. So why not an iMac?