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  1. What do you got? And what should it be for you?
  2. Installing iAtkos 10.5.5 Aspire One...

    I wanted to use iAtkos DVD, but well, this time the method diablonet describes worked for me. The problem was that AppleIntelCP.... was being loaded when running the installer and it caused a kernel panic, at least, for now it works right. @ UnaClocker: Yes, I didn't realize it, however, wouldn't it get too hot?
  3. Installing iAtkos 10.5.5 Aspire One...

    On my system, installer causes a Panic when installing 10.5.5 update. However, news on how to get working SpeedStep with 10.5.5 iAtkos DVD?
  4. Hi everyone! I've been around the scene for a while, I also helped developing some drivers, but today... I had my AA1 with iAtkos 10.5.4, it worked fine, including SpeedStep. Now, I downloaded iAtkos 10.5.5 and I have not been able a single time to get it working... Could somebody tell me their setup including SpeedStep, maybe the problems are related to the Kernel. Also, If I do not install SpeedStep it goes fine, but if SpeedStep is installed I get a Kernel panic around 10 seconds later when finishes showing the desktop. Current Setups?
  5. Hi everyone. Aside from the MacBook Pro, the Acer Aspire One is one of the best laptops I have ever had. I have been using 10.5.4 for a while, and I would like to know other users with AA1 and Leopard. Please share your setup, info and everything. I will start giving the example: > Acer Aspire One *Windows Version > iAtkos 4.1i > Speedstep Kernel > Sound OK > Wireless working with a workaround > Leopard 10.5.4 Someone got 10.5.5 working with SpeedStep kernel? Maybe I can update using the combo installer and the installing the kernel package before rebooting.
  6. Hope for AR5007EG?

    Wow. Is it working with Acer Aspire One? That makes me really happy! Could somebody with an AA1 tell me their setup?
  7. Finally Working! GMA950 CI/QE and Resolutions

    I'm sorry. One of our mail servers had some troubles and finally today I got it working again. I've been working in fixing the mouse tearing, this problem persists in this version, but a least it was reduced from the latest kexts I had. And, for the note, the installer and script were not taking long, I was very busy fixing the server that I had no time for uploading files to the forum. Thanks to MacOff for creating the background. Here you have, just the kexts as requested, I will release the installer as soon as I have spare time. Install them all using kexthelper, delete extensions.mkext and reboot. Everything should be fine, just a bit of mouse tearing, as I said, it is less than compared with other versions. I will continue to investigate this issue. gma950w.zip
  8. Finally Working! GMA950 CI/QE and Resolutions

    macoff is kindly working in the background, and, I'm creating a script that will backup your extensions.
  9. Finally Working! GMA950 CI/QE and Resolutions

    Yup, it should work.
  10. Finally Working! GMA950 CI/QE and Resolutions

    @ MacOff: Si, finalmente. Todo esto surgió de conectar mi pc al plasma y tener que ver todo en 1024 * 768. Sí, por ahora necesito a alguien que diseñe el fondo del instalador, ya sabes, con el que se instalan todas las distribuciones pkg, teniendo esto, liberare el instalador. Tal vez tú me puedas ayudar con esto. Sí lo puedes hacer, enviame un PM. Yes! Finally. Everything came from connecting my Computer to the TV and having to see everything in 1024 * 768, horrible!
  11. Finally Working! GMA950 CI/QE and Resolutions

    Yup! It is 10.5.4 and 10.5.5. -- Further details about framebuffer and kexts will be given on release! Just for the note, I have tested on 3 different computers, INCLUDING NOTEBOOK!!! Yup, finally, for Desktop and Notebook. This will be distributed using an Installer Package, I will create the background for the installer, I will release it today (GMT -6). Stay tuned. Proof: Watch the attached image.
  12. Very cool! Unbelievable! What about the wireless network card? Progress on the one that comes with the Aspire One?
  13. Finally Working! GMA950 CI/QE and Resolutions

    Tested with Desktops. under: 10.5.5 and 10.4.4, it might work in other versions. CoreImage and QuartzExtreme working OK. Resolutions working OK. NO BLACK MENUS Mouse works OK More info?
  14. Hi everone: I finally got to work GMA950 with Resolutions and CI/QE in Leopard 10.5.5 and 10.5.4. I will release a package installer, it is almost ready. Just, I need someone to create an Apple like background for the installer using my Avatar Logo (you can take from here <<<<< ), it must be placed in the bottom left corner, not too big not to small. Please install the Kexts using kexthelper and reboot. There is a bit of mouse tearing, a bit less than other versions, I will continue to investigate this issue. p1.tiff gma950w.zip
  15. Hi everyone. I'm running Boot Camp and windows Vista 32 in my MacBook Pro. Set up was fine, but today, Software Update downloaded Boot Camp update 2.1 to install, but, nothing happens. Sometimes it gives an error. As far as I have investigated, Windows Updates installs some updates for graphics and network, as they are not the same drivers, the updater will refuse to install. Have you had, or heard about this problem?