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Any way to automatically unmount a harddrive a startup?


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o.k., it seems i have found something for myself:

A apple Script could do the job:


tell application "Terminal"


do script ¬

"diskutil unmount \"/Volumes/volumename to unmount\"" in ¬

window frontmost

delay 5


end tell


Save as programm, add to startupitems.

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create the file /etc/fstab an put these line:


LABEL=NOMOUNT1 /Volumes/NOMOUNT1 ntfs ro,noauto


where NOMOUNT1 should be replaced with the name of your windows volume


you should create/edit the /etc/fstab file as root:


sudo su -

(type your user password here)

cat >>/etc/fstab

(paste the line above)



reboot the machine and see if it is still mounted.

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