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  1. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    I'm out of the osx86 for some years now, but, have anyone with 4322 tried to override the on off button of the wifi by putting a stick of tape in the correct pin? Did the job for me years ago, if anyone wants to know which pin it is ask and I'll be glad to help

  3. Ideneb 10.5.6 with Realtek 888 High Definition Audio

    Hi, I have the drivers for 9400M for the Acer Aspire 5737Z, they work on the correct resolution but no QI/CE, if anyone wants them here they are, the only thing i made to this kexts was to add the PCI ID of the card to the info.plist, and they work without black screen, i didn't wasted too much time with them, but i think that with the appropriate String on the com.apple.boot.plist they should work with QI/CE, i am sending my strings with the kexts too (no QI/CE). If anyone has Black Screen installing other drivers (mines no, this ones must work), there is a simpler solution to revert the situation without re-instaling, if you have windows install Macdrive and delete the nVidia related kexts on the extensions folder, if you don't you can use the command line booting with -s flag, and entering the following: /sbin/mount -uw / cd /System/Library/Extensions rm-rf NVDANV*.kext reboot with -f flag ALLWAYS hitting ENTER after each command line, when the system boots should be ok again.. Good Luck NVDANV40Hal.kext.zip NVDANV50Hal.kext.zip NVDAResman.kext.zip Strings.txt NVinject.kext.zip GeForce.kext.zip
  4. Bootloader (Chameleon) ignoring HDD

    Do you have your snow partition marked active? Is it a primary partition? If its not a primary partition it wont boot...
  5. Arranca el pc con -v en el boot de darwin, ai ya miraras qual es tu problema, segun eso te podremos ayudar, mira qual es la kext o hardware que esa dando error al arrancar e posta aqui... Suerte!
  6. Could anyone swap the Intel wireless card for a broadcom on toshiba p100 and get it working? I bought a mini-PCI broadcom 4311 and when I put it on my toshi it just doesnt boot! Any solutions? Any help would be appreciated By the way, sound only works for me with 1 GB ram, I had 2 before and was about to give up of getting sound to work, then I read this somewere and took 1 GB of and bam, sound working Thanks guys
  7. Driver Nvidia GeForce 9400M G 256MB

    Hola, yo tengo el mismo problema con la grafica 9400M, si instalo las kexts necessarias me quedo con la pantalla toda negra, has resuelto ese problema? Gracias!!!
  8. Hi to all, I have ipc 10.5.6 working on my toshiba p100-103 pspa3e, and I wanted to get the wireless working, so I decided to buy a Broadcom 4311 mini PCI-E wifi card and change it for the original one that is a intel 3945abg, but when I put the new wifi card the pc wont even boot to bios the screen just stays black, also tried to boot to windows or osx and after place the card on the slot but it does not work either and causes to lose the trackpad movement, I have a modded bios for sound to work, but I have tried restoring the factory BIOS and its still a no go Does anyone has the solution for this problem? Any help would be appeciated! Thanks to all
  9. Thank you! I had no sound on my toshiba, after applying dsdt patch and modded Bios and was no sound yet, read your signature and decided to took out 1gb of ram, leaving just one (had 2x1gb) booted and sound works! Thanks! I was losing hope on my toshiba P100-103 Does anyone has bluetooth problems? Or anyone got the battery meter running? Tried all bundles and kexts and always shows no batteries available... Thanks!
  10. After quite some time struggling with my toshiba p100 - 103 with a conexant sound card (Device ID: 0x1179FF31) finally got it working! Tried everything, modded BIOS, dsdt patch and no sound what so ever, reading a post here someone told that with 2x2gb memory the sound didnt work, so I took one of my memories (had 2x1gb) and the sound works now!!! if anyone has this problem try it, worked for me Thanks for your help!!! :)

    De nada, acho que todos nós temos muiiiiiiiiiiito que agradecer aos nossos colegas deste fórum, antes de ajudar tb já fomos ajudados:) Boa sorte!

    Ai está precisamente o que eu dizia, ao passo que a 4311 funciona sem qq tipo de problema em qq dos sistemas operativos...

    Eu posso te confirmar isso, na minha opinião para quem tem dual boot a 4311 funciona 5 estrelas, eu tb tenho uma airport extreme que mandei vir de honk kong no ebay pensando que funcionaria melhor e no mac osx funciona bem, mas no windows deixa muito a desejar, a airport extreme foi dinheiro deitado fora, pois só a usei prai 15 dias depois coloquei de novo a "velhinha" 4311;) Para mim 4311 sem duvida...
  14. Broadcom BCM5787M/BCM5784M - A solution

    Try booting in safe mode, with -x at darwin boot screen, and install this kext (It´s the original one, the one that you have deleted) with kext helper... Good luck! BCM57XX.kext.zip
  15. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    Hy to all of you! I have a broadcom 4328 14e4:4328 , in a fujitsu siemens amilo pi1505, this card on another acer laptop with leo the wifi card works flawlessly in the siemens it gets recognized and appears the airport icon but I am not able to turn the card, in the airport icon says "No airport card installed, the laptop has a fisical On/Off button, it´s in the on position of course he he:) ), hope you all can help me! Thank you in advanced;) Ps: both laptops have the same kalliway´s 10.5.2 S.O...